Jodi Sta Maria Suppresses Phobia, Daniel Padilla In Super Big Trouble

Not so much has happened on tonight’s episode of PSY August 10, 2015. We were so so left clamoring for more of the Amor scenes last Friday because the writers at channel 2 have only been showing bits and pieces of the protagonist.


Apparently, the staff and writers of PSY are scrambling to re-edit, re-shoot and make changes to the script to be more competitive as another competing love team teleserye is invading primetime, hashtag JaDineTakeOff.

But tonight’s episode was meh, except for that scene when Jodi and Ian got stuck in the elevator again. Right after the female lead said that in the 20 years much has changed, the lift stopped and Ian panicked with the knowledge of course that the woman has a history of claustrophobia.

She was able to suppress her panicking and instead made his ex-boyfriend calm down, something that Eduardo confirmed to himself that things indeed have changed for Amore.

Meanwhile, Claudia got paranoid, attempted to make love with Ian but failed.

DJ will finally meet with Jasper’s family, but he’ll be in big trouble … in tomorrow’s episode.

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