JM De Guzman We Support You

JM De Guzman issued a statement today on Instagram apoligizing for the hurtful words he said.


He calls on people not to blame Jessy Mendiola and ABS-CBN and that he was only going through tough times.

He reveals he is okay now.

Then at the bottom of the caption he included anxiety attacks, bipolar and depression.

Anxiety attack, bipolarism and depression are serious psychological and mental conditions. But are treatable.

The most important thing is that sufferers are surrounded by a very supportive and understanding circle of family and friends.

They should not be shunned, mocked or be laughed at as these are no ordinary conditions.

Most of those who suffer from these happen to be the most talented and creative people.

I know you can get through all of this JM as I know how it is.

Let’s support and be prayerful for JM. He needs our understanding and support.



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