James Reid Now Fights For Nadine Lustre #TheAminanNight

James Reid’s character on Wings Of Love will take a sharp turn and has now made up his mind, he will fight for Nadine Lustre.


Last night’s episode OTWChanges was probably the most heart-wrenching epi since it first aired.

Very cringing when you see the way Albie really pushes himself. And you get that love hate relationship gone haywire with Cherry Pie Picache’s motherly instinct.

We cannot help, we hate those two.

It’s unreasonable, it’s pathetic and outright ridiculous.

Of course, we cannot blame the two leads here, Nadine has debt of gratitude toward Tita Jack and James made a promise not to fall in love.

But hey, love is like rain, when it pours, it really pours and doesn’t care if you’ve got a parasol or not.

But but but, things will get a very sharp turn as James could not take it. He’s going to hurt people anyway, whichever side he chooses, so he decides that Nadine is worth fighting for.

Tita Jack should understand this, if they really push it that Albie gets to win back Nadine, and Nadine doesn’t love him really, can the mother take it that her son is with someone who doesn’t love his son back?

And Albie? Well, that guy needs some growing up to do.

James and Nadine on what is called TheAminanNight will once and for all be true to themselves, I hate to call it selfish, love is not selfish, when they choose to be with each other it is not selfish, so I beg to disagree with some of you who say, it is okay to be selfish, helloooo! It is not selfish to love and these two are giving Albie and Cherry Pie Picache a damn favor! Amalayer!!???

Hahahha LOLs!

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james reid fights for nadine lustre

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