James Reid Being Protective of Nadine Lustre Is A Big Plus


From @teambonfayah – Kaya pala ang laki ng jacket kasi ang shiksi ni nadine 😏
JaDine are on a holiday now as they are spotted here in the airport terminal somewhere in the Visayas.

They are thought to be in Cebu and head for Bohol then Palawan but no confirmation yet on this. Great time also for the two to unwind as we have an awesome weather here in our part of our country despite the Habagat pull.

Chances are they may also be taping for their upcoming teleserye Till I Met You which is taking the whole social media by storm with its interesting plot.

Now, Nadine in the photo is wearing a baggy jacket on top of a skimpy skirt. Could be her OOTD, nonetheless fans couldn’t help but think it could be James who put the jacket on after all that’s his jacket too.

This being protective with Nadine is a big plus for James Reid, a big example for the young men these days to be extra caring of their girls.

We tend to see an irony being that James comes from a liberated environment but not necessarily upbringing. 

The fact remains he is a Filipino too and this is not really being conservative or too possessive.

He does have that tendency to be obsessive.

But love is a passion right?  As long Nadine is being taken care of and being protected nothing wrong. 

Continue to be a role model to the youngsters James and Nadine. And we’re looking forward to your teleserye soon.

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