Jam of Jamich Died, Netizens Sent Condolences To The Family

Jam Sebastian of Jamich in YouTube sensation passed away this morning March 4 at 10:30 in the morning.


Maricar Sebastian

Michelle Liggayu, Jam’s girlfriend posted also her message on social media.
Mich Liggayu message

Instantly, netizens posted their condolence messages to the family and love ones of Jam using the hashtag “RIP Jam”.

Below are some of their messages:

Sandra – “RIP JAM I hope your ok now with our CREATOR! No pain but all happiness with our Almighty.”

Ner – NoLe – “RIP Jam You’ve fought a good fight. You’re in safe place now with the Lord. My sincere condolences to the family of Jam and Mich.”

kevin retuya ‏- “RIP Jam.  You are a nice person I know. It will all be better soon you’ll be healthy and happy again in heaven.”

Helery Rose – “RIP Jam. i was never a fan of Jamich, but this is just heartbreaking. You are now free from pain and in the loving arms of our Lord.”

Scarlet ‏- “Not really a fan but prayers and thoughts to his family. Another angel sent from heaven. May you rest in peace. RIP Jam”

Tinne DC  – “RIP Jam. Condolence to his family && loved ones. Not a fan of Jamich but this is so heartbreaking.”

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