JaDine: “Let’s Be Crazy Together” on #TIMYRunAway October 25 2016

Sizzling hot episode tonight! RT if you can’t wait – Dreamscape


Always is our habang buhay… – Official JD Army

I see a lot of people assuming pregnancy is the immediate consequence of PMS. It’s not. Sometimes mahirap lang maglakad LOL – Mader Grindr

Whaaaaaatt SPG tonight episode? juice colorEEEeDDD I need to breathe I need air grrrr pls. I need oxy james hahahaha – Marilou Perez

So ayun, i’m watching last night’s episode. Imma prepare myself for tonight’s ep. – Toe Knee

We all have our own beliefs and principles. Its a matter of accepting and respecting differences. – Super Fandom Fan Girl

I never regret stanning this two kind hearted and humble human being. Stay what you are – Jadine Galaxy

I agree. Don’t let the young ones explore for themselves, because kids are curious by nature. Parental guidance is a must. – Jamie JaDine

These are just few of the top tweets tonight!

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