Is Bailey May Uncircumcised Or “Su-pot”? Fans Defend

BaileyMay OnBBDanceConcert trended today on the mighty Twitter land.


Bailey May looked really gorgeous with that gangster OOTD. He is weather those jeans cut vest. Brushed up hairdo. With matching pin buttons ala eighties. And that signature gangster hanky headband.

Which makes him really look hot, kinda reminds you of the rock attitude of the band 5SOS.

But as usual, as things go trendy, bashers are all there doing nothing but trying to spoil the show, but try they always do, as they usually just fail.

Fans instantly defended Bailey from a basher who calls Bailey not deserving to have a love team.

Fans call him bitter and immature.

But what really irked many is when the basher called Bailey May “sup-ot”, which is Tagalog for uncut or uncircumcised.

Bailey hails from Norwich, United Kingdom, a country where circumcision is not massively being practiced as circumcision is only linked to religious affiliation.

Circumcision, according to studies does not automatically make one healthy or clean, only pure hygiene.

Filipino-Italian housemate Alex was once the topic of the internet when he got circumcised inside the BB house, he must regret it very much now.

But is it really a big deal if Bailey is cut or uncut?

As Big Brother said, it doesn’t matter if cut or not, as long as the guy is clean, healthy and hygienic.



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