Imagine You And Me Weekend Gross Sales Exceed Expectations

On its first weekend, the movie Imagine You And Me (IYAM) starring Maine Mendoza and Alden Richards reportedly reached 120 million pesos as of July 17 2016.


Reports recorded 21.5 million pesos for its opening day on July 13, 2016.

GMA Films and APT, the production outfits behind the hit flick, announced more theaters opened to cater to requests of movie goers.

One report even sighted that several theaters pulled out a movie from a competing company to give way to IYAM.

The figure 120 million remains to be initial but the official report will come from the producers after its first week of cinema play.

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Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza expressed their heartfelt gratitude last Saturday during their first year anniversary as a love team.

Imagine You And Me follows the story of a young woman who ventures into Italy to pursue her passions while helping her family. She will soon meet a guy who will ultimately fulfill her dreams of a prince charming. But it all came in an unexpected package.

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