[IMAGE] New iPhone 6 Versus Samsung Galaxy S5 Full Photos

Come September 2014 and bet everybody will have already seen what the iPhone 6 looks like, or is it?


Recent weeks have seen a handful of leaks and photos ranging from silicon to mockups and this time, the leak has gone mad.

These photos from an Italian website show full 360 degree look at what the new iPhone 6 will be.

As earlier previews suggest and if these pics are indeed the real thing, the new larger iPhone will have a 6mm something thin built, rounded edges reminding you of the last gen iPod touch and 4.7 inch screen.

The back of the phone says a lot. Aluminum material is still there, but you’ll new panels up and bottom where the antennae and special components will be situated.

The camera at the top is slighted protruded, most likely to keep the rest of the body thinner.

At the front, you’ll a typical iPhone design.

The button placements are updated here.

It’s sleek, smooth and superb!

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