I Tried The Lemme Diet for Woman 30 Years and Up, Here is what I Found Out

The Lemme diet is now very famous almost everywhere. We try to understand what kind of menu follows and what are the strengths and weaknesses of this diet.


Diet Lemme
Many pointed out because perhaps too rigid , the Lemme diet takes its name from its founder, the pharmacist Lemme. First of all, we must remember that the term diet is improper. In fact, its creator prefers to call it with the name of food philosophy . In essence, it is a school of thought for energy and health and is based on some fundamental concepts.

This philosophy can be vegetarian, vegan or omnivorous. It is divided into two phases. The first concerns a phase of weight loss, where you can actually lose many kgs in a short time. In the second phase, however, we will have the maintenance , where we can eat even a little more. Contrary to other diets, the Lemme does not provide portions to follow. Finally, there are foods that are even banned. They are represented by sugar, including sweeteners, salt, bread, milk, vinegar and cheese.

Diet menu Lemme
Let’s see, now, a type of menu concerning the Lemme diet. What we propose is, of course, just an example. There are many other menus that we can consider.

The first two days, we can opt for chicken or turkey meat and coffee for breakfast, while at lunch we can eat a fillet of beef with coffee . At dinner, swordfish plus coffee. On the third, fourth and seventh day we go for breakfast with oil and chilli pasta, with coffee. Follow the chicken breast for lunch and the sole for dinner. Finally, on the fifth and sixth day, we will eat artichokes and coffee in the morning, a Florentine for lunch and a bream at dinner, all with coffee.

The diet or, better, the food philosophy, works precisely because it is very drastic. It is logical that the fewer calories are introduced and the more we get to lose weight. But this is certainly not good for our health. We must therefore be very careful in following this type of food philosophy, perhaps referring to a nutritionist .


If the Lemme diet is not enough, we can consider taking some type of supplement. One of these is called Perdipeso . What’s it about? It is a supplement of natural origin, with a patented Tricitrico formula in France and clinically tested. It combines three citrus fruits , grapefruit, orange and red orange, with a strong fat-burning action .The product can be sold on the internet and that’s it, through its official website. Offers two types of actions: day and night. The day is useful as a fat burner, to reduce swelling and to easily eliminate water retention. The other, however, is responsible for regularizing the natural intestinal functions, to maintain healthy urinary tract and to bring benefits to the skin.

I can say that there is a significant improvement in health. However this takes disciple and of course preparation to maintain. Like they say, it takes 21 days to keep a new habit, so good luck with me and good luck with you if you want to try it.

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