How To Watch Must Date The Play Boy in Canada, USA and Outside Philippines

ABS-CBN announced that it is making the Must Date movie series and all 4 episodes available on iWanTV website and app for iOS and Android. Available in Canada, the USA and other countries outside the Philippines is the app and website, iWanTV is only available in the Philippines.


The company has not yet announced when it will make it available outside the Philippines but it will, pretty sure, be streaming on TFC very soon, as with other blockbuster movies in the past. Netizens suggest that getting an ABS-CBN SIM from the Philippines may work, but this is not necessarily true.

Again, patience is  a virtue, the company is working on it and KimXi globies will be able to watch Must Date very very soon. The Breakup Playlist for example premiered on July 1 and was made available on TFC TV on July 14th. So, it won’t be long. Besides you’ll have the whole month to enjoy the movie.

There are reviews already posted online so you may want to stay away from them for now, spoilers are the last thing you want.

Big props to ABS-CBN for this ground breaking project and we’re proud to have Kim Chiu and Xian Lim pioneering another revolution in Philippine cinema.

If you are not yet a subscriber to TFC TV, you can register now at

I can say that the first episode of the movie-series, “Must Date” was good.

Kim Chiu really fits the character.

Xian Lim, on the other hand, although far from the role, he played it well.

Jessy Mendiola, at first, I don’t like how she plays her character, it needs improvement, however, she may do well as a playgirl.

But since there will be 3 more episodes, that there’s coming from KIMXI.

Overall, the movie-series’ first episode was fun.

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