How To View-Download Maine Mendoza New Book Digital Copy for those Abroad

The entire AlDub nation is excited for the official release date of Maine Mendoza’s first self authored book Yup, I Am That Girl, published through Summit Media.

Summit Media Publishing is the country’s top publication that includes such popular glossies like Cosmopolitan, Esquire Philippines, FHM, Good Housekeeping, K-Zone, Preview, Real Living and Top Gear.

For now, no definite date has been announced, although the company and even Maine has teased the book already on social media.

Follow Summit Books on their Instagram account below:

For fellow AlDub Nation fans or ADNs abroad, the book will available for sale on select outlets, but this international release is yet to be announced.

Several ADNs have asked how to view or download an online version or digital version of Yup I Am That Girl book by Maine Mendoza.

For now, no word yet from the company, although Summit Media has paid or subscription based apps from the Apple app store, here are a few more steps.

1.) Visit or search for SUMMIT PUBLISHING CO INC from the Apple App Store.

2.) Check from time to time if there is a digital version of the book available from the store, download and pay a fee.

For hardcopy

3.) You may also check out hard copy being sold on, just visit this link , once there are available supplies, you may place order and depending on supplier, it maybe shipped internationally.

4.) Also don’t forget that Nation Bookstore can ship items. Check the website if they ship to your location.

Important reminders:

We highly recommend that you purchase hardcopy from National Bookstore so that your purchases will be counted especially for the Best Seller list.

If possible grab a hardcopy because books are best enjoyed in their physical form.

Do not download bootleg or pirated copies of the book.

If you have a softcopy of the book, do not share it publicly without the consent of the publisher and the author.

Do not share a photo of a page of the book.


We often use “very” to superlatively describe an amazing person

But to use very to describe Maine Mendoza, is not enough.

Here are Top 10 ways to perfectly describe our Bibi girl.

Maine is not just very pretty, she is gorgeous

Maine is not just very good, she is superb

Maine is not just very clever, she is brilliant

Maine is not just very talented, she is gifted

Maine is not just very special, she is exceptional

Maine is not just very nice, she is kind

Maine is not just very good, she is excellent

Maine is not just very different, she is unique

Maine is not just very funny, she is hilarious

Maine is not just very great, she is phenomenal

Ano pa sa tingin niyo ang mga perfect words to describe the Phenomenal Star? Comment below.

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