Hidden Ingredients of Croissants Why I Will Still Eat Them And Why You Won’t

It always depends on the type of bar .. many times we see that the croissants are of artisan or industrial origin.


For example, I work in a bakery and we make croissants every day. Let’s make a biga and knead .. the day after we collect the butter and not the daisy. The taste is quite another thing .. I leave you to imagine.

Here are minimal things that really make the difference.

The taste: most laboratories, to save time and money, use margarine .. comfortable to work and does not melt in your hands .. only that in the margarine are presented fatty acids that are hydrogenated .. they are called trans since not suitable and not recognized by our body once ingested. This is why they are harmful. Furthermore, margarine has no taste compared to butter.
Therefore, the industrialized croissants contain more fats and preservatives so that the product is excellent is perfect .. indeed it is good!

Craftsmanship : we know that machine-made croissants are different from those made by hand and I speak of shapes. But sometimes it’s not like that … every pastry chef has his technique and his dexterity. There are different ways of rolling out and completing a croissant … our every action is one of his reactions.
Investing in machinery : I agree to invest in laboratory machines to get a perfect and better product. Many people criticize this trend.
So, pastry, if you really are passionate, is perfection of the product .. pastry is science and art.

The machines are used to help the man not to get tired and to obtain excellent results .. I as a company would prefer to invest in machinery because I would challenge anyone to knead 7 kg of shortcrust pastry, and print many cookies by hand .. if I had to do more of 300 tartlets, first of all I would get mentally tired and then each of them would be different from the other .. would you sell a deformed product?

Once a lady at the desk told me: “your croissants are frozen” and I replied: “thank you lady is a compliment because I have become so good to overcome the car”

To protect customers it is right that the customer requests the list of ingredients included in the product
Many times the croissants are polished with water and sugar .. it is there that the croissant makes the difference
Analyze these aspects and choose, if you go every day, a bar of trust. PS: the butter does not hurt compared to margarine if it is of excellent quality and if it is eaten in moderation. Above all, it is said that vegan and cereals are necessarily frozen.
Unfortunately, most of the bars, to save money, buy the industrial croissants but at the same time are “killing” the craftsmanship of the product and the worker so as to increasingly prefer the big chains and the capitalist economy that has put in crisis many companies over time.

if I read the list of ingredients of almost every thing I eat out of home I probably would not have idea of ​​what half of the ingredients are used and I would not buy anything anymore.

From this discussion we can easily (not too much) exclude the artisan confectioners that produce their products “at home” and offer them to the consumer within the next 10 hours.

Having said that, I would probably continue to consume them considering that the manufacturing companies are still subject to controls by the bodies responsible for health supervision and therefore use approved and non-harmful ingredients (always if consumed in moderate quantities).

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