For Women, It Is Better To Eat Mango Than To Take Vitamin Supplements

Do you have any constipation? Needless to take a pill, or ingest large amounts of fiber. The most pleasant and effective treatment you can take is eating a mango.

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According to research published by Texas A & M University, mango is as effective as a dose of the classic supplements prescribed for a frequent problem, affecting about 20 percent of Italians. But the fruit works even better, because it contains polyphenols that reduce the inflammatory state often present at the same time. They also act on intestinal bacteria,modifying the combination and leading to a faster “disposal”. Actions that laxatives and supplements are not able to do.

During the study, two groups of people with chronic constipation were examined, one of whom ate 300 grams of mango per day, while the other took 1 tablespoon of psyllium , a powdered fiber commonly used in these cases. Everyone had been asked to keep their eating habits.

At the end of the experiment, both groups noticed positive effects, but those who had eaten mango had seen the problem solved more effectively.

According to the researchers, the effect would be due to the combination of the fibers and the polyphenols contained in the fruit.

That the mango was good and healthy was already known. Tree of the same family of cashews and pistachios, it comes from Burma and eastern India. It is cultivated for over 4 thousand years and, according to Indian mythology, symbolizes, not by chance, life.

Its juicy and sweet pulp contains vitamins, minerals. It has always been considered a panacea for the stomach, because it reduces acid reflux and neutralizes it .

Rich in saturated fats, sodium and HDL, the “good” cholesterol is a good source of vitamin A, C, B 6, K, E, as well as containing potassium, magnesium, copper, selenium, phosphorus and iron, so as to be also considered a good cure in case of anemia.

Rich in anti-oxidants, it protects against cancer and is a cure-all, for external use, for the skin: it removes blackheads and treats acne.

Is Mango Safe for Women in the family way?

In addition to being useful in case of constipation, therefore, is good for the body in general.

It is no coincidence that European consumption has increased by 56 per cent or over the last ten years. In this period we Italians have gone from 80 grams each to 150 . Even the new basket Istat noticed: since February, among the products considered for the calculation of inflation have been included some exotic fruits, including mango.

The production of the old continent concentrated in the Malaga area and in Sicily . According to Coldiretti, due to climate change, we can grow crops that were previously reserved for warmer areas.

They are found in the countryside between Messina, Etna and Acireale and in Calabria. And the zero-kilometer exotics often see younger farmers engaged in cultivation. 88% of Italians when they buy at the market believe that local origin is important, both because there is a greater degree of freshness and because Italy is at the top of world food security. So even the stuff of the other world becomes national and we can find fresh and ripe at the right point a food that cares.

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