Exorcism and Feng Shui Versus NAIA 3 Bad Spirits Suggested by Official

Following the controversial power outage at Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 3 (NAIA-3), some air terminal authorities are supposed to be investigating extra dimensional entities and intend to dispose of the spot’s alleged misfortune.


In a report “superstitious airplane terminal authorities recalled that when NAIA-3 was developed, an entire group and a house of prayer on the other side of the road were destroyed and now it should be amended.

However another church was built to replace the old one.

All things considered, the report designated, “an airplane terminal authority, who declined to be distinguished, guaranteed that he had prescribed to NAIA-3 chief Octavio Lina to counsel a Feng Shui master.”

The authority said that the feng shui master and other nearby shamans could distinguish what could not be right with the building’s configuration and even direct ceremonies to drive out the terminal of malicious spirits.

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