Fashion Pulis To Countersue Liz Uy, Issues Statement On Libel Case

Fashion Pulis Frowns Liz Uy Libel Case Against Him


Michael Sy Lim owner of has issued a statement regarding Liz Uy’s libel case against him citing Lim’s blog and Twitter posts that she and her team of stylists supposedly used a “recycled” gown for Maine Mendoza during the Tamang Panahon benefit concert.

Lim insisted his posts were mere reflection of common truthful observation.

Below is his full statement.

It is sad that a public figure such as Liz Uy decides to file a case against me. Her feelings of being wronged by my post was based on a common truthful observation about her body of work relative to Maine Mendoza of AlDub which many people other than me also pointed out.

Is it a crime for ordinary people, bloggers, showbiz writers and journalists to point out valid observations about those in the public eye?

Other blogers, writers, journalists and I should not be cowered by the filing of cases just to suppress the freedom to express and of the press.

I will fight this case with courage because I have no malicious intent.

My lawyer is also studying the filing of counter charges for malicious prosecution and damages for this suppression of the press and expression.

fashion pulis statement

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