Explosive! Bianca Gonzales Versus KathNiel Fans?

Netizens speculate that Bianca Gonzales is referring to the fans of Kathniel fans for their seemingly barriotic and uncivilized behavior on social media.


Bianca however did not mention or name names, but she did say that her posts go out to all fans.

She specifically complained at how rude the fans are of certain young stars.

She said she is giving an older sister’s advice because whatever they do it reflects the artists that they look up to.

She also pointed out that these fans are so quick to post rude comments but when they are called out they get embarassed.

Kathniel fans have been criticized for their harsh treatment towards the Jadine love team and have even threatened to pour hot boiling oil on Nadine Lustre’s face.

Kathniel fans have also cried foul on some occasions when they are being singled out for their rude behavior.

Below are he posts:



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