Etiquette Movie Review at Ayala Center Cebu

Today, we arrived at Ayala Center Cebu for the opening day of Etiquette for Mistresses. And we got to see the movie along with Kim’s Lola at Cinema 1.


We attended the third screening but boy the long queue for the film is a huge sign that this film is going to make record breaking success.

So first, we won’t be adding synopsis here because even minute details will spoil the movie experience.

So we’re going to be focusing on key aspects. Now with the Optimum Star. It is clear here that Claudine Barretto did a very effective performance. Here’s why?

Claudine here delivered genuine acting without overshadowing the other cast members.

It helps that the casting directors chose the right actors, so each compliment each other. Clau’s best moment was when she cried as she can no longer pretend to be happy while Kim Chiu is singing a Cebuano song.Etiquette

Iza here is the character that dwells in both reality and fantasy at the same time, her story was the riskiest so the most heart-wrenching. Her performance is first rate.

Cheena Crab is more than the comic relief here. Her character tackles on the absurdity of infidelity, at the same time touches on the practicality of the affair. She is the least stressed mistress of the five.

Kim Chiu definitely is the epicenter of the story. She did a superb delivery as Ina. When she said on interviews that she accepted this role because she wanted to enter the world of mistresses, this was exactly what she did, she piloted us in that crazy world.

And Kris Aquino, boy, this is the most lovable character and the most lovable performance from the Queen of All Media I’ve ever seen. Don’t judge her acting based on the trailer trust me, just be surprised.

Finally, big congrats to Direk Chito Roño. This movie is a testament that Filipinos have really matured in their taste for big screen entertainment. And this the kind of mistress movie that will top all mistress movies ever made. Th riskiest, and the most complex story, yet Direk Chito wove it like he is the only one who can do it, and the fact is, he is.



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