Erwan Heussaff ‘Taray’ Posts on Social Media Regarding Anne Curtis Breakup

“Parang nagtaray” this was how netizens saw Erwan Heussaff’s response to the rumor that he and Anne Curtis have split.

“Thanks for the concern, but let’s remember that FP isn’t BBC, there are more veracious sources of information out there. We are fine :)”

The restaurateur said on social media dispelling the rumor. FP is referring to a blog site that published a post about the supposed split.

In response to questioning that he does not post as much as Anne Curtis does about their relationship on their social accounts, this is what he said.

“Also, I’m not in showbiz, so my relationship is mine to keep precious and not yours to devour. If I don’t post about it, that’s my prerogative.”


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