Erich Gonzales Plays The Role Of Alexandra In “Forever”

Viewers are surprised tonight after Erich Gonzaga makes her first appearance on “Forever”.


The actress plays as Alexandra. She was almost hit by a car when Enrique drove by going to Baguio.

Alexandra is a playful girl and makes Enrique smile despite his problem.

Will she be the girl who will replace Liza Soberano?

Forever is down on its final road. However, according to the writers and director, expect the unexpected scene before its finale.

Meanwhile, here are the netizens reactions about Erich role:

Pao – “everything everyone does reminds me of Enrique and Liza’s characters. You’ve done your job well team.”

Oso – “From mistress to playful character real quick.”

Thea Sophia Ysabelle ‏- “Not a fan but Erich Gonzales was so CUTE, FUNNY and ADORABLE for tonight’s episode.”

France S. Elgort ‏- “Direk Cathy’s magic is working. She brought out a different Erich. And it helps that she’s naturally happy and blooming.”

Hillary 1D Erich ‏- “I know this is not Erich’s show but i want more of her with Enrique. Snobbish and sassy girl. Best ever!!!

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