Enrique Gil on Falling In Love with Julia Barretto, Possible?

Recently, the actor, Enrique Gil admitted that their closeness with his leading lady, Julia Barretto is difference compares on his previous leading ladies.


Now that their series down to its last episode on July 4, fans and viewers wanted to know what will be the next of Enrique and Julia especially on their relationship?

So, the actor revealed that the whole team will be having a thanksgiving party.

He said, “Yeah, there’s a plan party with everybody, with the cast, the whole crew.”

And when it comes to him and Julia, Enrique said, “And then me and Julia, I’m sure we’ll find time to hang out even after the series ends”.

Aside from that, the leading man also admitted that he is open on possible falling in love with his leading lady.

“Yes, yes, of course. I think everything starts with a friendship, who knows,” Enrique said.

“Maybe that’s a good basis. But me and Julia are not in a hurry. Besides she still young,” the actor added.

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