Enrique Gil Calls Bashers To Stop

After admitting his mistakes and apologizing on national TV, Enrique Gil still was not spared from the attacks of his bashers and even Jessy Mendiola because of the incident.


Last week, the news spread like wildfire online about the actor’s unpleasant behaviour aboard a plane heading for London.

According to the reports, Enrique, Jessy and Luis Manzano were involved in a commotion.

“Forever” lead actor was allegedly drunk at that time and had a confrontation with JM De Guzman’s girlfriend. Since Luis was beside the actress, he defended her and asked Enrique to stop his doing, thus got involved in the altercation.

After many versions of the news and blind items surfaced, Enrique admitted his wrong on TV with his on-screen partner, Liza Soberano.

But despite the admission, bashers continue to hit him and Jessy.

Because of this, the actor urged netizens to stop. He said that they did not know the whole story, so better to stop and move on.

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