Duterte: Cut Manhood of Father If Kids Reach 5

During today’s speech of Duterte in his last flag raising ceremony as a Mayor in Davao, controversial but meaty statements were heard once again.

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The president elect remains firm with his war against criminals and drug lords. He mentioned about keeping mum on the claims of China on Philippine territories but he is in talks with government officials. He says he will push for death penalty.

What really caught many netizens’ attention though is Duterte’s policy on family planning.

He said he is going to implement a 3 child policy and will ask social workers to be proactive about it.

“Cut the manhood if kids reach 5!”


Clearly, this was a joke, or some sort of hyperbole. But the message is outright. Digong insists 3 children policy will be beneficial.

He also slammed the Catholic Church again for their 5000 saints and the 3000 year old bible.

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