Donita Rose Breaks Up With Husband of 12 Years?

It is sad news today in Philippine Showbiz although of course Donita Rose has denied any rumors that she and husband have separated. No!


For the record, Donita said she and husband are going through rough times now. She further reasoned that there is no third party.

Although she has to investigate. It may be that her husband has committed a big mistake. But of course, she has to keep the marriage afloat of their son.

Of course it is added pressure to her because she is born again Christian and the world she is living in, which is Showbiz of course which promotes arrogance and woman power, that woman do not need men in their life, that they need to give up on their husbands if they are cheating already.

Good luck!

But if Donita understand her faith and relationship with her creator and her love for her son prevails then she is alright.

This is breaking news , goshness, and you have to pay close attention to.

Don’t go uninformed as people are now talking about on Facebook and on Twitter regarding eric villarama.

And yes this is what they have been talking about, as with the subject the hashtag or main forcus of the story, Jesus OMG, is this "donita rose movies"

It (sweet) is kind of really surprising but it is what happens.

Trending topics did not, aherm, circulate until today

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