Did Kris Aquino Really Talk To PNoy Regarding Laglag Bala Scam?

This was the question of the day by many netizens after Kris Aquino posted yesterday on Twitter that she spoke with President Noynoy Aquino about the laglag bala.


This after she got bashing from commenters that she was insensitive.

She posted a photo where she commended the good service given to her by PAL, something that netizens find as insensitive.

She posted:

I don’t endorse @flypal but I want to commend them via this post- we flew the A330 going to Hawaii & the A340 on our way home. Both times the flights were so comfortable & the planes smelled fresh & clean, the crew both in the airport (NAIA & HNL) & on the plane were so pleasant, and most of all the special PAL Arroz Caldo was Pinoy comfort food at its BEST! Keep up the good work to all those working for our flag carrier!

After being bashed, she posted this:

“I spoke to my brother… I love my brother. I support my brother. I trust my brother. I believe in my brother. And by tomorrow you can start looking for a new issue to bully me about.”

Below are some of the comments.
kris aquino bashed laglag bala

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