Did Kim Chiu Betray Fans? KimXi Camp Appalled by Kimerald TS Announcement


It is pouring emotions now on Twitter from all camps, following the announcement of a teleserye starring ex couple Kim Chiu and Gerald Anderson.

Last month Kim denied there is a brewing project for her and Gerald.

This caused a backlash now from fans of Kim and Xian love team.

Although there is a separate project for Xian Lim and Coleen Garcia, fans feel betrayed.

A few solid Kim Chiu fans were also stunned by the news, but chose to understand her and commend her bravery for accepting the project despite the unavoidable onslaught of bashing.

Meanwhile, the Kimerald camp hails the project as the ultimate comeback for the BB born love team.

Situations like this are not new in Philippine showbiz.

But there is no denying however this KG TS announcement is causing quite a stir. Emotions are still fragile, but once the dusts settle down, fans will become more mature, some go, others stay, in the end, the only ones left standing will be the artists.

They will be judged for their loyalty and dedication to their craft.

The following are few of the banters against the TS.

Reactions from Kimerald fans.

This is probably very difficult for Kim Chiu, no amount of explanation will appease emotional fans now.

But if we take this to other side and do some critical thinking, if Xian Lim was in her place, what would he do?

Or what advice would he give to Kim?

As a big fan, we all know Xi is passionate about his craft, as an artist there nothing more fulfilling than to be able to elevate and grow in your chosen field.

We all aim positively for the betterment of the chosen craft of our idols. 

Apparently, things went for a sudden detour between the denial and the pronouncement. 

The decision is a product of so many factors. 

These actors we adore are employees of a company, they answer to those who employ them.

Following or no following, their careers are dependent on the internal politics of showbizness.

Can they say no? Of course yes. But only if they choose in favor of their craft. 

Because again at the end of the day, they will be judged for their loyalty and dedication to their craft.

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