Did Alden Richards Tape an SPS Segment? Going to Maldives with Maine Mendoza?


This is currently what’s circulating on social media, although still requires confirmation and finality.

Alden had a taping for a segment on Sunday Pinasaya supposedly.

The natural thing then to ask is if Tisoy is present ba this Sunday.

Kasi if wala, Alden naman has siempre all the rights to spend time for himself after of course a successful Upsurge concert.

Especially now that sun and sand  are his new cup of tea.

He can go on an out of town with family where they can spend time together sa isang beach. Or could be abroad like Maldives.

Wait, Maldives?

So ngayon, abang abang muna tayo neshen sa mga pangyayari. Marami pang pwede mangyari in one week.

Pero what do you think?

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