Darren Espanto’s 5 Important Women In His Life

The total performer Darren Espanto is without a doubt the country’s most sought after artist. We’d like to say that Darren had really shakened up the OPM industry and never has been the Philippine music scene become this exciting. Every concert is packed, every release is sold out.

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All of Darren’s success is attributed not only to his undeniable talent but also to his faith in God. A good example to the Filipino youth here and abroad, Darren is the favorite of not only the teens but also of parents who see Darren’s values resonate everywhere he goes.

In addition to being godly, he is also known to be loving and sweet to these five key women in his life. Love and sweetness born out of respect and admiration.

So who are these five important women or girls in his life. Find out below. And if you think we missed something, comment below and let us know.

The list maybe only five, but we have the impression everyone in Darre — (continued below)



.. n’s life is important to him especially those that he dearly loves as well. And if there is a number 6, collectively it will be the female fans who never fail to support our Total Performer.

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