Darren Espanto and Andrea Brillantes – Love This Pic, Here’s Why

Wait wait wait!


We know there’s smoke coming out on social media today when our Total Performer Darren Espanto posted this, cute friendship photo Andy.

Yup, that is a friendship photo.

Let’s spread love, there should be no fuzz about Darren taking pics with his friends.

And I know Juan Karlos Labajo’s family are also good about it. They have no ish.

It’s so sad that a few are trying to make a fuzz about it

But here is the thing.

Darren is such a friendly and sweet guy, and this photo only proves that he is comfortable and proud and does not allow bad vibes ahead to bother him.

So all Darrenatics family, Andrea family, JKFAM, huuugs!


darren andy

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