Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo’s Series Reveals No Kissing Scene in the Finale

During the farewell press conference of the Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo series, the director, Cathy Garcia Molina revealed the exciting finale of the love story of Joaquin (Daniel) and Chichay (Kathyn) but no kissing scene.


In an interview, the director said, “There will be no kissing scene on the finale of the series. I think its to early for them to have it”.

“There are more movies to come, more shows to come. Maybe in time. Like John Lloyd and Sarah. They are still young,” direk Cathy added.

On the other hand Kathryn, admitted that she is not ready to do kissing scene even if she will be turning eighteen this coming March.

“For me, its too early to do that. I am not ready yet. Maybe on cheeks yes. But on lips, time will come for that”.

For Daniel, as leading man, he is also willing to wait for the right time.

The series will be airing its final episode this March 7.

The photo above is taken from KathNiel Facebook fan page.

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