Claudine Barretto Will Do Everything To Protect Her Children

Just recently, Claudine Barretto shared how difficult being a mother.


She posted it on her Instagram account.

This happened after having series of post regarding what happened to her son Santino.

Here is her post:

“First of all i want to remind everyone that i am A MOTHER 24 hours a day 7days a week.i am a mother EVERYDAY like all mothers are eveyday.ive always thought that i would make the Best Wife & Mother as it was second nature to me as i helped bring up my nieces & nephews (and so i thought) i was 23 when i had Sabina & there was no fear or doubt that ever crossed my mind.its was First love & the responsibility of bringing her up didn’t scare me a bit.With Saint i had the hardest time conceiving but once i got pregnant with him he didn’t give me a hard time at all working till my 8th month doing my soap with Piolo.I was terrified i didn’t have much practice in raising a boy.My time in Marj’s place made me have not as much time with my nephew Leon as i had with the girls.i would have panic attacks when my kids get sick.Saint having 2 Eye operations at the age of 2.being a mom is hard work the hardest job in the world.there is no manual when your children arrive.its a hit & miss thing considering there are a lot of tools now to better u as a parent.but it a daily struggle thats sweet no matter how your day turns out.i am an actress & ive a responsibility to my public that too every day.but u see in showbiz ur allowed to stop,make mistakes & learn.being a parent you wont dare stop,dare make mistakes u have that heavy load of knowing that everything u do will reflect on the most precious gift that God has given what to do? Love them,Protect them,make them feel safe even if you dont really know or remember how SAFE FEELS! Ive been living in fear for years so when any of my kids are attacked maybe the monster in me comes out hoping & praying real hard that i Protect them with all i have depending on the situation.with all that has come out am i degrading,destroying my kids?No im PROTECTING THEM DOUBLE TIME!see im only one because the other person who is supposed to PROTECT THEM BAILED OUT AGAIN! Maybe iam degrading,destroying ME its ok.its my duty & responsibility to be a mom first no matter what you all want to throw at me kasi po I AM A MOTHER 24hours a day 7days a week.EVERYDAY.”

New photo by claubarretto on Instagram. Posted on November 29, 2016.

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