TRENDING! Charice Slams ABS-CBN For OFFENSIVE Photo with Ariana Grande

Media really loves to put stars on a cockfight. Charice is not happy about it. A performance of Ariana Grande of Whitney Houston’s hit surfaced online and immediately everyone is turning their gaze at Charice, who is known for her powerful rendition of the classic ballad.


The song I Have Nothing trended and everyone is jumping into the bandwagon of debate, who did it better? Charice or Ari?

Of course most pinoys chose Charice.

The thing that really ignited the conversation was the fact that she sang the song with David Foster who is of course the godfather of Charice.

Reacting to the buzz, Charice said she is offended.

But she said in a way that to slam ABS-CBN who posted on Facebook suggesting there should be a rivalry between the two. Below is the link to her Instagram post

charicevsariana charicevsariana1

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