Cause of Instagram Not Working, reports from all over the world

Instagram Not working
Instagram not working! Netizens not just here but all over the world and screaming.


If they are asking many users who have found major malfunctions in using the social through the app, with mobile devices.

Instagram is down, as reported on Twitter a bit ‘from all over the world.

The first tweets were launched about Instagram not working, accompanied by the hashtag #instagramdown.

It came late in the afternoon of June 12, 2018 when users began to report that the application is down.

It is popular forhundreds of millions of people all over the world, it had become useless.

As the minutes went by, reports increased exponentially, including Philippines, and the hashtag entered the trend – Instagram not working.

The first reports on Twitter

Also on Alert Service in many have reported the malfunction, declined in different ways.

Some just can not access to Instagram, while others find strong slowdowns or do not see updates on their wall.

These are affected by updates on images and videos on accounts as well as those related to Instagram Stories.

On Twitter users report in particular that they can not update the feed and see photos of friends on the social network Zuckerberg.

Instagram down, Instagram not working?

This is almost certainly a pre-established block that could be related to technical problems or, more likely, to a series of updates involving Instagram.

All that remains is to wait to see if this down will last for a few minutes or if it will be impossible to use social for a longer period of time.

Instagram, the Shopping function arrives on the Stories

The social pushes the accelerator on ecommerce to attract new advertisers.

For now, the tool can only be used by some companies, to which others will soon be added

After launching the Shopping function ( available in Italy from March ) within the organic posts of companies.

Giving users the opportunity to make purchases directly from the social network, Instagram also extends the tool to the stories .

Starting today, in fact, some companies will be able to add the icon of a shopping bag inside their Stories.

By clicking on it, you will be able to access various information on the product shown.

It is including more images of the article presented, additional photos of other products.

Contained in the History, descriptions, price information and links to the site where to make the purchase.

More soon to come

For now, the function can only be used by a select number of companies, but the same company explains in a note that “soon there will be more coming”.

“From Adidas to Louis Vuitton, people have bought their favorite brands on Instagram all over the world.

And now they can buy directly from Instagram Stories”, says Instagram in the note, adding:

“Consumers are accessing Instagram looking for ideas on the latest trend.

Every day, around 300 million people use Instagram Stories and here they can always find new products.

From the brands they love. Companies are always the first to use Stories, creating some of the most viewed and engaging content on the platform. ”

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