Apple Credit Card When Is It Available in the Philippines

According to reports from the Wall Street Journal , Apple and Goldman Sachs would be ready to launch a credit card designed specifically for users of the apple. The report claims that the two companies will start testing the new card in the coming weeks by providing it to employees, while the launch is expected by the end of the year .

The card will be designed to be integrated into the Wallet app , with special integrated functions such as the ability to set savings objectives or tracking expenses. In addition, it seems that the card could offer up to 2% cashback in some stores, and even more by buying Apple products. It seems that the card will work on the Mastercard circuit, but of course there is still no information on availability outside the United States.

Apple and Goldman Sachs have different but complementary interests in this card: it seems the Cupertino company could receive higher commissions (compared to those it has with other banks) for every purchase made with Apple Pay, while Goldman Sachs would be able to reach a very public wider than its usual target.

There is no clear schedule yet if this Apple Credit Card will be available for Filipinos, at least even for the Apple employees.

Although it is not impossible that the Cupertino company will partner with local banks in the later year of 2019.

Review of Tribit XFree Tune, Price is 2,659.24 Philippine Peso

Tribit XFree Tune Review

Tribit is a virtually unknown brand with a very bad website , which you probably would not give a lira (or even a euro). I heard about this company in a subreddit where we discuss audio devices and, intrigued, I wanted to try something. I was pleasantly surprised by Tribit XSound Go that I reviewed a few months ago, but these Tribit XFree Tunes hit me even more. So I’ll tell you right away: if you’re looking for cheap wireless headphones to listen to music, at the moment these are the headphones you’re looking for. Let’s see why.

Inside the package, beyond the headphones, we find a USB-microUSB cable for charging (ridiculously short), the audio jack to connect them in an analogical way (1.2 meters long) and a semi-rigid case in which to store them.

Although the cables are not particularly long and the house is rather anonymous, for less than 50 € we would not have dared to ask for anything better.

Even on the construction front we are at excellent levels, especially in relation to the price at which they are sold: the headphones are solid and well made , with comfortable padding and a metal body inside the bow. The design is quite anonymous but not unpleasant and, even based only on the appearance, the XFree Tunes seem easily comparable to much more expensive headphones.

The headphones are foldable , which allows us to easily store them in the case for carrying them around, and the locking mechanism appears solid and reliable. The pavilions are slightly flexible and covered in faux leather: probably in summer they will make you sweat a little, but for now they are fine.

The headphones are over ear , so the pavilions completely surround the ears; unfortunately the padding does not seem to be removable, so you can not replace it when it will wear out. In any case, there is not too much to fear: I wear them every day for several weeks and it seems to me that the lining and the padding hold up well.

Although they are not very light (weigh 288 grams), on the whole, the headphones are very comfortable : I wore them for 8 hours a day, every day, without ever feeling the need to remove them.

The worst aspect from the constructive point of view are the keys to control playback and volume: both the multi-function button (Play / Pause / On / Off) and the two buttons for volume (from which you can also change the song) find on the sides of the right cuff (respectively forward and back). The buttons are not only in a position that makes them awkward to click, but they are also visibly component cheap .

As I mentioned in the introduction, if you’re looking for cheap wireless headphones to listen to music, the Tribit XFree Tunes will definitely do it for you. They have an older version of Bluetooth (4.1) and lack support for aptX codecs (so the audio / video sync may be faint, even though I have personally watched TV series and videos on YouTube without problems), but the sound quality is really surprising . The 40 mm drivers definitely do their duty, and I think the audio of these XFree Tunes is easily comparable to Bluetooth headsets that cost at least three times as much (but also four …).

The sound is clean and rich , with the frequencies well balanced between them (it would seem almost a flat profile , with a very light and appreciated gain in the highs). The bass amaze for the excellent extension: even at high volume, reproduce the lower frequencies without croaking, and can be appreciated without being unnecessarily pumped. But even medium and high sound very good: considering the price, really difficult to ask more on the audio front.

The maximum volume is good enough: not the highest ever, but still more than acceptable for all situations (to give an idea: in the office I keep it about halfway).

Even for the calls, the quality of the microphones is quite good: probably thanks to the CVC 6.0 technology for noise reduction, it seemed to me that my interlocutors always felt quite good to me. Unfortunately, however, using them with the audio jack you lose the ability to call, because no microphone is included on the cable.

Last but not least, the autonomy is really good: Tribit declares 40 hours and probably the estimate is likely. I did not exactly measure how long they lasted, because at a certain point I simply lost count. But I can confirm the esteem of the company, since I kept them practically 8 hours a day, every working day, and lasted about a week and a half (so probably more than 40 hours).

As already mentioned in the previous paragraph, the worst aspect of the experience of use are definitely the keys to control playback and volume, placed in a position not too comfortable to reach.

If you want cheap Bluetooth headphones to listen to music, Tribit XFree Tune is what you’ve been looking for. The audio quality is surprisingly good for the price range, the autonomy is excellent (up to 40 hours) and there is a semi-rigid case in which to transport them. At a cost of around 2,659.24 Philippine Piso, I’m really a best buy.

Olympus OM-D E-M1X: the professional Micro 4/3 is powerful with 60 fps bursts, Philippine Price 179,850.02

Expected by many, at least among fans of the sector, the new flagship Olympus has arrived. It’s called OM-D E-M1X and aims at professionals with the promise of a reliable , powerful and fast machine .

The body is of considerable size, even to be a Micro 4/3, and in fact it looks like an E-M1 with battery grip . The monolith, obviously tropicalized (impressive video test that you find at the bottom of the article), houses inside two TruePic VIII processors that go to manage the 20 megapixels of the CMOS sensor .

With this supply the camera shoots between 200-25600 ISO with bursts that reach 60 fps (!) At full resolution with autofocus and exposure locked (otherwise they are 18 fps). Among the most particular shooting modes there is a very high resolution that combines multiple shots up to 80 megapixels , if done on a tripod, or 50 megapixel freehand.

This last feature works thanks to the impressive on-body stabilization system , which promises up to 7.5 gain stops . Really remarkable. The autofocus system counts 121 phase detection points and among other things it has tracking with the recognition of the subjects (means, people, eyes).

The double battery promises up to 870 shots and also serves to manage the accessory features of the camera, such as integrated GPS , pressure sensors , temperatures and acceleration, as well as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth .

The video industry is more conventional and the OM-D E-M1X arrives at DCI 4K at 24 fps with bitrate at 237 Mpbs or 4K at 30 fps at 102 Mbps, with reading from the entire sensor but without HDR or 10-bit output . To be used if necessary but nothing suitable for videomakers of a certain level.

A high-end device , designed mostly to take pictures in moments when you can not afford to miss the right moment.

Off limits for most amateurs, but all in all acceptable considering the pro target of the camera and the many features offered.

Rason Kung Bakit Hindi Magkatabi sina Maine, Arjo sa Date Pics Palagi

Isa malaki pa ring question sa maraming ADNs kung bakit sa mga lumilitaw na pictures kono na nagdidate ang dalawa

Ay hindi pa rin magkatabi o makikita silang dalawa sa iisang photo

Oo ngat nasa iisang lugar sila pero usually ang mga pics na ito ay si Maine kasama ang mga fans na nagpapapicture

At ganundon si Arjo

Bakit hindi magkatabi bakit hindi naglalapit totoo bang exclusively dating

Or group date ito at ang mga pinapalabas na mga photos ay ang mga kay M at Atay lang

Yan ang napakalaking misteryo ngayon na bumabalot sa kini claim ni Atay na dating sila ni M

Marahil ayaw ni Maine na makita sila ni Arjo sa iisang pic dahil wala naman talagang special na going on

Remember Maine loves to go out too but with friends yan ha

Baka naman talagang barkada hang out ito

One thing is for sure though sa mga lumalabas na photos walang holding hands walang magkalapit or magkatabi na photos

Meaning wala talaga

Leaks of LG G8, Samsung Galaxy S10 and Motor Razr 2019 Foldable [VIDEO]

After the insanity of CES 2019, where we could meet some cell phones like the Huawei Nova 4 or the Honor View 20 , the rumors change course to focus on the next big event, the Mobile Devices World Congress (MWC, for short) in English), although with one caveat: Samsung has decided to break the mold this year and will launch the future Galaxy S10 in San Francisco on February 20, just a few days before the appointment in Barcelona.

With this in mind, the rumors do not stop. The Galaxy S10 – if that was its official name – is the most important phone that we hope to date and everything seems to indicate that its power will be higher. We had the opportunity to test the Snapdragon 855 processor that will be released in this device, and the truth is that it is expected to provide performance up to 45 percent faster than the Snapdragon 845, which is the one that incorporated the Galaxy S9 in some markets.

It is expected that the Galaxy S10 and also the Galaxy S10 Plus can have up to 12GB of RAM and that it opens a small hole in the screen for the front camera, something similar to two phones already launched by Huawei.

Among other leaks, this week we have also been able to know that the future LG phone, probably called LG G8 , will have an accessory that will be able to add a second screen. This would be a panel that can show additional information or the same but in a larger format.


Review of the Panasonic LX100 II Price in the Philippines Php57,195.41

A compact with the soul of a mirrorless . In 2018, where the choice between small interchangeable lens cameras is now very rich, a device like the DC-LX100 Mark II still makes sense to exist? Find out in our review.

The second generation LX100 remains faithful to the line and the philosophy of the first model, ie a concrete machine full of physical commands (this does not mean that the software interface has been neglected). On the objective we already find several checks.


Maine Mendoza Hindi Natitinag Number 1 Pa Rin sa Twitter ALDUB179thWeeksary

Hindi pa rin talaga makakalimutan ng Twitter management ang pagiging phenomenal ni Maine Mendoza

Dahil sill favored, love and suportado ng todong todo ng Twitter si Maine and AlDub Nation

Biruin niyo ha may mga forces talaga ng gusto ng ipa block ang mga ADN daily twitter pa hashtags

Ang reason nila irrelevant at hindi na raw ka trend trend

Pero opposite ang nangyayari dahil always top trending ang hashtags ng ADN at si Maine

Sa katanuyan ang ALDUBNationLimitless today ay top trending

Nakasanayan na ng Twitter na every year ay mag release ng listahan ng mga top trending accounts

And for sure si Maine ay nangunguna na sa Pilipinas

Sa business side of things aminin natin na malakas ang hatak ni Maine kaya love siya ng Twitter

Dahil everyday marami ang gumagamit ng Twitter in fact may agreement na ngayon ang network at ang Twitter

They are partners in delivering content and this all thanks to Maine Mendoza

Maine Mendoza Update on Taping of Daddy’s Gurl

Maine Mendoza has finished taping for Daddy’s Gurl and the taping will resume in 2019.

Super busy rin kasi si Maine the whole month of December for the Jack Em Poy promotion.

Plus meron pang vacation.

Maine Mendoza Solo Host Sa Bagong Game Show Segment sa Eat Bulaga

Tuwang tuwa this week ang buong nation sa pagportray ni Maine Mendoza ng Miss BoomGa

Ito ay part sa isang bagong segment sa EB pero alam niyo ba na ito pala ay preparation

Yes preparation ito paya sa isang game show segment in the future na si Maine ang solo host

Training ground ito for Maine lalo na at kasama niya ang veteran game show host din na si Vic Sotto

Matalino si Maine kaya kayang kaya niya ang game show

Even Alden Richards had his own segment before Thats My Bae na talagang tumatak sa kanya

Signiture game segments like Pinoy Henyo nakatatak talaga kay Joey de Leon

Kris Aquino siempre kilala rin sa larangan ng game shows why not Maine di ba

Im sure part ito sa plan ng management sa career ni Maine na magiging well rounded artist siya

Ano sa tingin niyo ang magiging format ng game segment?

A – Physical game show parang yung sa Bulagaan Olympics in 2017 kasi bagay kay Maine na hyper
B – Gusto yung quiz or trivia game show kasi bagay kay Maine she is witty and articulate
C – Pwede rin namang not necessarily game format for example Mister Millennial oh di ba

Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza May Justification Ba Ang Restriction ng Sweetness On Live TV

Major topic ngayon sa socmed ang naging obvious na coincidence showing their relationship goals

Isa na dito ang magkaparehong post nina Maine and Alden raising their legs

Patunay na they really influence each other in a subtle they show that they one even in the themes of their post

Actually si A di naman mahilig magpost ng legs paa nya na nakataas sa may window ng car naimpluwensyan lang yan nung asawa nya

Sabi ni Elle FansSpinster sa Twitter

Despite this teary eyed ang Nation dahil sa mga cues and hints last Saturday sa EB

Especially during the moment na nasa panel both ang dalawang Bibis

Watching this napaiyak ako very obvious na di sila puede maging sweet oncam.

I miss those days na yung isa will wipe whatever is on the other’s face whoa those restrictions

Sabi ni Mameng1951

Missed them together, this is one rare moment in panel, we don’t know when will this happen again

Pero kahit may restrictions siempre para paraan talaga ang pakilig ng mga Bibis

Kahit sa social media lang busog na busog na ang AlDub Nation

Sa tingin may justification ang restriction ng management sa pagpapakilig nina Alden and Maine on TV?

A – Oo justified ang restriction kasi on going ang solo individual career ng dalawa

B – Hindi justified sino ba nagsabi na kahit may solo careers ang magasawa bawal na ang pagpapakita ng affection

C – Please lets be happy na lang na kahit konti we can still feel how they love each other