Spotted: Kilig Moments Nila Alden At Maine Sa Eat Bulaga July 13, 2019

Wow, Kilig Offcam Moments Nila Alden At Maine Hulicam Sa APT July 13, 2019

Sino naman ang hindi kikiligin sa kanila Alden Richards at Maine Mendoza kung ganito ang makikita mo lalo nasa pag-live ka?

Muling nabuhayan ang ADN sa nakita nila kanina sa Eat Bulaga.

Alam mo ba kung bakit?

Rehearsal pa lang sa opening prod nila ay kitang-kita ang sweetness nila.

Kahit nga sa offcam ng nasabing show ay hindi mahiwalay sa isa’t isa.

Muling nanumbalik ang galawang mag-asawa sa dalawa.

May pag-aayos sa damit at sweet na nag-uusap.

May mga eksena nga na nakuhan ang dalawa live.

Ito na ba ang bagong pag-asa nila?

Tuluyan na kayang mawala ang parang plywood na namamagitan sa dalawa.

Kung sa bagay hindi naman nawala ang pag-asa ng lahat ng AlDub Nation.

Someday magiging okay ang lahat gaya ng dati.

Magse-celebrate sina Alden at Maine ng ika-4 na taon ngayong July 16 bilang AlDub loveteam.

Maine Mendoza Expected to Rake in Record Ratings for Interview with Tito Boy

It is expected that the interview with Maine Mendoza on Boy Abunda’s late night show will rake in high ratings.

Maine is reported to be doing a movie opposite Carlo Aquino under Black Sheep,a division of Star Cinema.

The much expected interview will touch on various subjects including that of the upcoming movie, love life, her team up and rumours about a possible transfer.

Maine is a mainstay of Eat Bulaga, a weekly show with Vic Sotto and a prolific and effective endorser of some of the biggest brands including MAC lipstick and Vivo Smartphone.

In some related news about Vivo Smartphone. Over the next few weeks, a new smartphone from the Chinese company Vivo could arrive for the Chinese market . In the last hours, in fact, a new device of the company registered as Vivo V1921A has been certified by the Chinese body TENAA .

Vivo V1921A: triple rear chamber and a large battery
A new Vivo smartphone has just arrived . The terminal, known as Vivo V1921A , has passed from the Chinese portal TENAA showing us in part how it will be characterized. Specifically, from the images published on the portal three rear photographic sensors are clearly visible , which seem to protrude slightly from the body. At least for the moment, however, we do not know exactly the type of these sensors.

As for the front, however, on this new device it seems that there will be a display with a diagonal of 6.38 inches . Furthermore, according to the Chinese organization TENAA , this display will host a biometric sensor for fingerprint recognition. Finally, information was also leaked from the portal regarding the battery that we will find installed on board. The latter will have a capacity of 4420 mAh , at least according to what is reported on the Chinese portal.

For the moment no further information has emerged regarding this new mysterious smartphone from the Chinese company Vivo . According to some rumors, this could be a smartphone belonging to the Vivo Y series, although at the moment we cannot be sure. We remind you that one of the last devices of this series presented by the Chinese company is the Vivo Y12 . The latter is a truly unique entry-level device, given that it is equipped with reverse charging thanks to its 5000 mAh battery.

Arjo or Alden? Maine Mendoza’s Love Interest in 2019 MMFF

Maine Mendoza Surprise Guy as Love Interest in MMFF Movie with Vic Sotto

It is the talk of the town as to who will be the love interest of Maine Mendoza in the MMFF of hers with Vic Sotto come December 2019.

The running title of the project is MISSION UNSTAPABOL: THE DON IDENTITY. Last year’s entry Jack Em Popoy was a big success and this year APT and MZET are carrying the tander over for this year’s much anticipated film festival.

But who will be the leading man? Is it Alden Richards or will it be Arjo Atayde?

No confirmation has been set yet but for sure the movie will be a hit. For now, Maine is busy with her TV shows, guesting and her multi million endorsements which include Vivo Smartphone and MAC lipstick and shades.

In some related news about MAC Cosmetics. Want to know all the makeup artist secrets for a flawless beauty look? Or are you passionate about powders, lipsticks and foundations and do you want to perfect your technique?

If you recognize yourself in one of these descriptions, the time has come for you to take the brushes and immediately take advantage of the intensive makeup courses organized by MAC Cosmetics in five cities.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner or an expert: there is a MAC Academy course for each level of preparation.

Curious? Here are some tips on how to choose the best intensive makeup course for you .

Because creating the right base for every look is a must for those who want to learn the art of face makeup .

With the course ” Essential Level 1 “, lasting two days (12 hours in total) , you will learn how to sculpt and illuminate the face for perfect results even in photos. The course is dedicated to those who want to learn to value themselves and others but it is also recommended for those who are considering whether to attend a makeup school .

If you are thinking about your future and want to understand if this is your way, a full immersion in the world of makeup from MAC Cosmetics will really help signing.

In the first part you will learn all the techniques to make the perfect base through the skin routine and using primer and foundation (a must for any beauty look). Then there will be a focus on lip techniques and trends , on the contour and on the highlight, the cross and delight of all beauty addicts .

Perfect the technique
Are you the one who “wants a hand to choose a foundation? » Or « do you help me make smokey eyes? » : In short, makeup is your passion and you are always up to date on trends. Your goal for 2019 is to perfect your skills (because you are a very ambitious girl).
The course designed for you is the ” Intermediate Level 2 ” during which you will discover the tools necessary to enhance any type of lineament , recreate perfect makeup all day and transform a day look into glamorous makeup for the evening .

In addition to an in-depth analysis of all the techniques to create different base finishes , in the two days of the course you will also learn to “play” with all eye makeup products , including techniques to best define eyebrows . You cannot miss a moment dedicated to the lips : by comparing yourself with the makeup experts , you will be able to learn about the new trends (and replicate them immediately!).

Discover all the celebrity make-up secrets
If your dream is to make makeup for movie , TV or music stars, check out the ” Advanced Level 3 ” program .
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Become an expert “MAC Cosmetics Certified”
At the end of each course you will receive the MAC Cosmetics Certified certificate of attendance and the MAC Academy Card that will allow you to purchase your favorite products with the exclusive 20% discount for one month from activation.

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Wow Maine Mendoza Pinrove Niya Na She’s The One Seen on Video

The one to beat and the one to look up to. That is Maine Mendoza. As seen in this clip oh, you will notice even the kind of status she has today, she remains humble. People are flocking around her yet wala siyang keme. Fans and onlookers are touching her and she is allowing them, unlike other entitled stars. Maine keeps her feet on the ground. That is why she is the one and the ONLY Maine Mendoza (more…)

Maine Mendoza Mataas ang Nareceive na Feedback sa Performance

Kayo ang ano ang ini expect niyo kay Maine for the EB Lenten Special. Ano ang panalangin na gusto niyo iparating kay Maine comment below.

Ano ang panalangin na gusto niyo iparating kay Maine comment below

Speaking of narating whether Israel or Italy ha where nagshoot silang IYAM

May something bago ngayon sa Hilton Lake Como sa Italy.

Here is a related info about it

Hilton Lake Como welcomes the arrival of spring by offering its guests a renewed culinary proposal. Taking advantage of the enchanting scenery in which they are inserted, Hilton Lake Como and Terrazza 241 are the ideal place to take a break and enjoy the spectacle of Lake Como. The rooftop bar & dining of Hilton Lake Como, Terrazza 241 offers its guests a unique view. The colors of the lake and the surrounding mountains reach, in this season, an extraordinary beauty at any time of the day. Whether it’s a sunny afternoon, a romantic twilight with the setting sun or a cool spring evening, the rooftop bar offers an incredible glimpse of these places. In addition to offering a unique landscape setting,

The basic idea from which Terrazza 241 was born is precisely that of an elegant but convivial location, which is so perfect on every occasion. The Chef de Cuisine Tiziana Quartarone and his brigade propose the best recipes of the Italian tradition revisited in a modern and innovative perspective. To celebrate the arrival of spring and the symphony of emotions that recalls this season, the Chef has created a new menu to be discovered. Among the delicious dishes offered, two certainly cannot not be tasted: the Octopus and the Abbotta Scottadito. The octopus is cooked at low temperature and sautéed in a pan to enhance the contrast between the soft interior and the crunchy exterior, and is served with spirulina algae, confit cherry tomatoes, wild salad and beetroot sprouts. A recipe made of fresh and genuine ingredients but used in a decidedly unusual way. The Abbotta Scottadito instead represents a strong reference to the Italian tradition and, in particular, a dedication to the birthplace of our chef, Rome. Prepared with a crunchy breading, it is presented in a simple way but with a strong visual impact.

Particular space is found within this proposal, the main dish of Italian cuisine: pasta. Proposed in 4 variants and with combinations for all tastes, from meat to fish, to vegetables. It is a tour in the Italian tradition, from north to south, from trophies and waistcoats to paccheri and garganelli. Impossible not to remain satisfied.

In designing the spring menu, the Chef de Cuisine Tiziana Quartarone paid particular attention to the different dietary needs. To allow all the guests to taste the various and tasty proposals, the flour and the breadcrumbs are gluten free.

At the Hilton Lake Como and at the Terrazza 241, spring has brought a wave of appetizing recipes, which will satisfy even the most sophisticated palates.

Como Italy is indeed a beautiful place, do you think dapat bumalik ulit sina Alden and Maine there

Para ishoot ang kanilang next project together?

Maine Mendoza To Announce More Collab with this Company

Maine Mendoza’s line up of MAC products continue to be hot sellers. And get this even international and Hollywood personalities are raving out it. It just goes to show that the Phenomenal Star is truly slaying it. No other celebrity has reached the status of Maine. And because of this MAC intends to do more collaboration with the Queen.

Other related news about MAC Cosmetics. Next May, the Disney live-action that takes its cue from the 1992 eponymous classic, Aladdin, will land in cinemas . The film, directed by Guy Ritchie , is obviously a new free transposition of the Persian novella, Aladdin and the wonderful lamp, taken from the collection The Thousand and One Nights.

Waiting to see how Mena Massoud , Naomi Scott , Will Smith and Marwan Kenzari will perform in impersonating Aladdin, Jasmine, Genius and Jafar, the professional make-up band Mac Cosmetics has just announced that they will dedicate an entire collection of tricks, in collaboration with Disney, to this new film “fabulous” and in particular to the Princess of Agrabah.

The The Disney Aladdin Collection by MAC Cosmetics includes a bronzer that recalls the sunny eastern lands in relief engraved with the iconic image of Aladdin’s lamp, a palette of colors matte and shimmer (rich in multi-reflecting pigments) which evoke in the shade jasmine, flower from which Jasmine takes its name, and one of the most popular fuchsia lipsticks in the perm permanently Mac collection, the matte back (with a super matt finish) All Fired Up .

The The Disney Aladdin Collection by MAC Cosmetics includes a bronzer that recalls the sunny eastern lands in relief engraved with the iconic image of Aladdin’s lamp, a palette of colors matte and shimmer (rich in multi-reflecting pigments) which evoke in the shade jasmine, flower from which Jasmine takes its name, and one of the most popular fuchsia lipsticks in the perm permanently Mac collection, the matte back (with a super matt finish) All Fired Up .

The Disney Aladdin Collection by MAC Cosmetics will be on sale in the USA in the online shop and in the physical stores of the brand starting from May 1st and hopefully will arrive around that date. The Disney live-action Aladdin will be released in theaters on May 22nd .

Make sure to buy and support Maine’s MAC line up of products and try also all the other popular make up items from MAC.

Maine Mendoza Supports The Importance of Life

Malaking ang kompyansa ng international company na MAC Cosmetics kay Maine. Because she has a good image and of course. You can see the clip here.

Related article about MAC Cosmetics. Maine’s new lineup of MAC products are the rage. Pinterest and the Japanese have ruled: the orange blush will be the new must-have of the season , so much so that it could undermine the classic rose and its bonne mine effect .

The famous network that compiled the Pinterest Global Beauty Report declared this : according to the photos searched and saved by users, it emerged that in Japan among the most “pinnate” photos there are the looks with this shade of blush . Which, from the land of the Rising Sun, is conquering everyone.
Roberta Betti, National Artist MAC Cosmetics talks about this particular trend.

Another trend that comes from the East, why did the Japanese discover this nuance?
This trend has spread from the lips, peach, coral and orange shades, in all their shades, are among the favorites in Asia and the trend has since moved to cheeks and eyes. It is part of the Asian trend to create orange-red halos around the eyes to create the illusion of a “flushed” look .

What are the most chosen blush nuances in Italy and, in general, in the European ones? Will orange blush also be imposed on us?
In reality, both in Italy and in Europe there is not a nuance that stands out above all: pinks and peaches are certainly much loved as well as orange in its rust, peach and coral variants. And from us these last ones are used above all in summer to exalt the tan.

Compared to the classic rosé “bonne mine” effect, what is the strength of orange?
Certainly the versatility : with orange we can get very natural effects, using more delicate shades like apricot and peach. On the other hand, if you prefer brighter tones, the orange gives character and sensuality.

How to wear it and why choose it? Is it suitable for all skin types?
Orange is a beautiful color, but like all bright colors you must know how to “dose” . My advice is to always download the brush from the product and eventually proceed with a second application without ever exceeding it. Once spread, it can be used over a light powder to make the effect very natural. While on an olive complexion the orange can be used to enhance a complexion, on a lighter skin it can certainly create a delicate effect and therefore sweeten the face. The “fashion addicted” who love to dare use it to get a “street” effect.

Sagot ni Maine Mendoza Why She Takes Care of This

Maine Mendoza is known for her bubbly, carefree, sunshine and ball of joy and energy personality. But she knows how to discipline herself. Something she learned from parents. And that is why she takes good care of her image online. Notice that she does not like all the negas posted. It is because she learned from parents to be good and kind human to one another. Thanks Maine for being a good example to the youth. This is why she is chosen by big companies to represent them. Take for example the big company TikTok. In this day and age of fast information sharing, privacy concerns. And appropriate videos for young viewers. TikTok shares with Maine the value of take good care of one another. TikTok like Maine wants to share only good vibes, wholesome quality entertainment through their app. Thanks for trusting Maine TikTok.

Other related info, tips, articles about TikTok. It has a billion users worldwide and some of its users have tens of millions of followers . I had talked about it a year ago, but it’s worth returning to the subject by repeating the rules to use TikTok safely and have fun.

First, the age limit of 13 years set by the creators of the app must be respected: on TikTok there are also things not suitable for children . If you lie about your age and TikTok notices it, your account will be deleted.

Set up your account to be private, so what you create will only be seen by friends. Many use TikTok in a public way hoping to become famous, but the odds are low and instead the very real risk is to become haunted by bullies and other disreputable characters.
Block and filter comments : you can prohibit certain words or disable comments altogether. Do not rely on the judgment of strangers.

Chat only with the people you know in real life.

Don’t make videos in easily recognizable places that can reveal where you are.

Remember that a video placed on the Internet will remain there forever: something you now find funny could come back to haunt you in the future. Think before you post.

If you see something on TikTok that you think shouldn’t be there, report it and TikTok will evaluate it and delete it.

For parents , let me point out that it is possible to make purchases through the app and therefore it is advisable to activate parental controls to avoid scams and unwanted purchases.

Maine Mendoza Nangunguna Pa Rin As Preferred Role Model of Parents for Teens

She has it all, the looks, the brain, the wit, and the talents. But of course they are nothing if you do not have good moral character. And that is what parents love about Maine because she is a good example for today’s youth. She finished college and listened to her parents that is why she achieved what she has today because she listens to her parents. Even in the online world, the youth are looking up to Maine, especially in the proper use of social media. Maine is currently the face of TikTok one of the most popular and wholesome video sharing apps.

Other related news about TikTok. The images say much more than words: they speak a universal language and do not need translations. This is why Instagram is the most fascinating social network and Facebook the most crude: one is composed of many images and few words, the other one with many words and few images. Looking for a photograph that illustrates this article on TikTok, the social network owned by the Chinese company Bytedance that has also conquered the West since last year, I came across the images of the launch party in the United States that took place in Los Angeles August 1, 2018. Mini hamburgers, hostesses and a guy who makes fluorescent drawings on a black wall, where the TikTok slogan appears: “Make every second count”. It is hard to believe that the smiling adults portrayed in the photos of this slightly unlucky party have downloaded TikTok on their phone: the social, in fact, has reached its record figures exclusively thanks to kids (65 million users in the United States). Discarded Facebook altogether, bored by Instagram, Snapchat and Vine, the very young people of the world are getting together on TikTok.

In the autumn of 2018 the contents of the app born in Beijing in 2016 started to become viral also in the United States and Europe and to spread outside the platform, accumulating millions of views on Twitter and Instagram. A TikTok video can be recognized immediately: it lasts from 15 to 60 seconds, has a background music, very often has as its protagonist one or more girls who make dance moves and sing in playback, other times ridiculous and demented scenes.

The changes between one video and another are very fast: at the beginning the adult’s brain feels a subtle but persistent sense of annoyance. But among the kids who make comedians and girls who share decidedly unambitious choreographies, even older people appear: women over 30 who are not ashamed to mimic Mahmood’s “Soldi” gestures, a ninety year old grandfather who plays the scene of a film (definitely forced by a child). In the world the app has more than half a billion users.The process by which TikTok gains interest is sneaky and not immediate. The subject ready to experiment with passive use could very well wake up after half an hour and find himself staring at dogs that “play” “Stand by Me” with a comb and a glass. One of the first sensations I had as a spectator of TikTok, apart from the question “what the fuck am I looking at?”, Was a form of concern for the very young video girls. I immediately asked myself if to make me perceive certain scenes as inadequate and potentially sexy was only the malice of my adult look. Another feeling was the déjà vu. I had already seen videos like this, on another app called Launched in 2014 – headquartered in Shanghai and office in Santa Monica – Musical. ly allowed users to create videos and choose audio tracks to accompany them, use different speed options (time-lapse, fast, normal, slow motion, epic) and add filters and effects. If it seemed the same to TikTok it is because, in fact, it was: in 2017 Bytedance has seen fit to buy it and combine the two apps. However, the record figures achieved by the merger have brought some problems to the surface: many parents have experienced my same anxiety and filled the app with complaints; many of the little girls who sculettano and sing happily on the screen have little more than 10 years. in 2017 Bytedance has seen fit to buy it and combine the two apps. However, the record figures achieved by the merger have brought some problems to the surface: many parents have experienced my same anxiety and filled the app with complaints; many of the little girls who sculettano and sing happily on the screen have little more than 10 years. in 2017 Bytedance has seen fit to buy it and combine the two apps. However, the record figures achieved by the merger have brought some problems to the surface: many parents have experienced my same anxiety and filled the app with complaints; many of the little girls who sculettano and sing happily on the screen have little more than 10 years.

In February 2019, the US Federal Trade Commission established that TikTok will have to pay a $ 5.7 million fine for having collected data on children under 13 without parental consent. This is the highest civil penalty ever decreed by the US body that regulates the market for a case that concerns the privacy of children. According to the Ftc, the operators “knew that many children were using the app, but they continued not to request parental permission before collecting names, email addresses and other personal information”. Following the authority’s decision, TikTok will have to remove all videos uploaded by children under thirteen.

The penalty comes late: as confirmed by the New York Times, the germ of TikTok has become widespread and, just as Snapchat – which forced Zuckerberg to transform Instagram – has contaminated the world, and is preparing to alter the way we communicate and use our phones. The hasthtags, for example: the app have a real and functional organizational role, identifying various “challenges” or jokes or other types of repeating formats. Video creators have all kinds of tools at their disposal: from filters to sound effects to music. Users are strongly encouraged to freely unleash their creativity and interact with other users, through video replies or through “duets”: each video can be duplicated and each user can add to the copy in a potentially endless process.

The reason why people spend hours on TikTok is also for its simplicity: it was underlined by Ankur Thakkar, ex director of Vine, another direct precursor. On Vine, a new user may not have had much to look at: as in all other social media, the first step was to start following someone. “TikTok is doing the thing that Twitter has tried to solve, which everyone has tried to solve. How do you get people involved right away? ” TikTok immediately shows a series of videos completely at random and makes an artificial intelligence take note of the preferences. Then start sending daily notifications immediately. The groups of followers that are created on TikTok, in fact, are not stable, but they move and are transformed continuously.

Maine Mendoza Still No 1 in the Online World Because of This

Maine Mendoza is still the undisputed queen of social media and digital influencing. And the proof to that is the choice of MAC with Maine to be their primary digital ambassador for their online campaigns. In fact, Maine has her own line up of products. And the endorsements keep on coming, just like TikTok. Have you installed TikTok yet?

Related news regarding TikTok. In recent years, the social network landscape has changed enormously, as has the user approach. The ephemeral contents, like the Stories, are always more privileged than the permanent ones like the posts on Facebook and tweets on Twitter. On TikTok the contents are permanent, a bit like the photos for those who use Instagram in its “traditional” way, but the archives are not the center of attention of those who use it. Despite not having things that disappear on their own after a certain amount of time, TikTok has managed to communicate a more casual and casual approach, which apparently works with younger users.

TikTok more than anything else is an example regarding the care and moderation of its contents. A video-only app, where they load by the thousands every minute, could quickly become a disreputable place with violent and inappropriate videos, especially for such a young audience. After having received some criticism in the past, the app managers have significantly increased the number of moderators: there are about 10 thousand, although it is not clear how many of them deal with the Chinese version and how many of the international version. Controversial contents are not seen, as we can confirm after having made use beyond the humanly conceivable of TikTok in editing to verify it.

The app also seeks to promote positive messages, for example by highlighting hashtags on particular initiatives to empower its users. Among the most common is #nobullism, against violent and harassing attitudes in schools. Sometimes the hashtags in evidence are however exploited to try to promote videos that have nothing to do with that topic, confirming the great organized chaos that is TikTok.