PLDT’s Manny Pangilinan Looks for CEO who’s Willing To Give Up Family For Work

Pangilinan said PLDT would need a new CEO who would have the fortitude to take the job in leading the company’s new digital thrust.

“He has to be ready to die for the job, give up his family. Those are my strictures. Work over family. Period. If I could see that in that person, you’re it. You know, there is always a price you pay for the life you choose,” he said when asked for the non-negotiables for the position.

I thought MVP is a professional and knows his business very well. How can he say that the CEO he is looking for must be ready to die for his job and give up his family. Does it mean that PLDT is the worst employer in the Philippines? What is the point of having all the money in this world but losing your family? How can he motivate the employees of PLDT to work harder if that is his mentality. – NETIZEN

Duterte Orders Creation of PBC (Peoples Broadcasting Corporation) Just Like BBC

President Duterte during his first SONA orders Congress to create the PBC or Peoples Broadcasting Corporation.

PBC will replace the existing PTV as the government media that will uphold quality broadcast content and cultural significance.

He mentions that BBC will come to train the existing PTV staff for the transition.

BBC or British Broadcasting Corporation is the government media of the United Kingdom.

Duterte also orders to upgarde Radyo Ng Bayan to be competitive with commercial radio stations.

He also plans to put up the first and exclusive Muslim TV channel and first Lumad Channel.

He added he will also be focusing on reinforcing a task force to prevent media killings.

And finally strengthen the whistle blower protection law.

More Photos of Duterte and Peter Lim, Leo Lastimosa Slammed For Posting Pics

More photos of President Rodrigo Duterte and alleged drug lord Peter Lim of Cebu surfaced online. The source or originator of the post is ABS-CBN Cebu anchor Leo Lastimosa.

Netizens attacked Lastimosa for posting the photos without clear intentions. One netizen asked “so what is your point?”

Leo posted photos of Duterte and business man Peter Lim. One photo showed both during a wedding wherein the two were principal sponsors.

Another photo shows the broadcaster and the President during a victory party  in Mandaue City.

As of this posting, Leo has not yet responded to the comments of netizens.

One concerned individual pointed out the post serves nothing but to detract Duterte.

In defense to Leo, one netizen said that the photo showing Duterte and Lim brushing elbows may smudge the former’s war against drugs.

While most supporters of the administration criticize the posting of photos as nothing but a black propaganda by the Yellow Minions.

One ABS-CBN avid fan said he is disappointed with Leo’s irresponsible journalism.

The president names a certain Peter Lim alias Jaguar as a big time drug lord in Cebu. Lim denied the allegations and said he is not the Peter Lim Duterter is referring to.

Lim owns KTV bars and a housing business.

Duterte has sat down with Lim and asked the businessman to subject himself to investigation.

Photo of Peter Lim and President Rodrigo Duterte As Principals Sponsors in a wedding Photo of alleged drug lord Peter Lim and President Rodrigo Duterte As Principals Sponsors in a wedding Alleged drug lord Peter Lim and President Rodrigo Duterte Shake Hands During a Victory Party in Mandaue Cebu

Full Speech, Transcript of Rodrigo Duterte During Davao Flag Ceremony June 27 2016

The video is courtesy of UNTV and for transcript turn on CC or closed captions on YouTube. (Applies to English only)

President Rodrigo Duterte attended his final flag raising ceremony as mayor in Davao City and to say his goodbye to City Hall workers as he is set to formally accept office as the sixteenth president of the Philippines 3 days from now.

The Philippines News Agency reported that Duterte as a rule avoided the banner function amid his term and left the everyday schedule of City Hall to his City Administrator Melchor Quitain. He, be that as it may, goes to banner raising rituals on unique events.

He additionally takes care of graciousness visits and sees individuals requesting the neighborhood government’s help.

For Monday’s last banner raising function of Duterte, Quitain and some office head arranged the location by restoring Osmeña Park and repainting the Durian Fountain.

Duterte has been serving Davao City for a long time now.

Electronics Engineer and Electronics Technician Licensure Exam Results April 2016

The Professional Regulations Commission or PRC has just announced that 917 out from the 2,482 that took the Electronics Engineer Licensure Examination and 985 out from the 1,196 Electronics Technician Licensure Examination that took the last October 2015 had passed.

The results were immediately posted three (3) working day after the exam.

Below is the complete exam result.



[VIDEO] Fire Breaks Out From Avida Towers In Mandaluyong

At 9:20 today, news quickly spread online about the fire that blazed Avida Towers, Mandaluyong City.

It was reported that several construction workers are trapped on top of the unfinished building.

According to the Bureau of Fire Protection, fire is now under control as of 11:10 am.

Below are some videos posted online:

Avida Towers

Duterte Says He and Miriam Are The Only 2 Qualified for Presidency

Duterte opens by saying he is glad that Miriam is around as she is one of only two qualified to run as president.

Check out @maeannelosbanos’s Tweet: