Maine’s Love Quarrel Tips – How To Make Peace With Partner After Fight

“Love is not beautiful if it is not exciting”: true, but also a little ‘ healthy serenity does not hurt , especially if we are about to pack up and finally give us the luxury of a holiday for two . Before the quarrel becomes a real crisis , we try to extinguish the fire before it flares up and make all that good we have built together disappear. So let’s see five ways to get our relationship back on track and prepare ourselves with the right mood for the long-awaited summer break .

And ‘so, it happens to everyone, no one is immune: the quarrel is part of being together, but the important thing is to know how to manage .

If fatigue , anxiety, stress make us lose the trebuchet too easily, we try to limit the damage and instead of the long snout , silent cell phones and dinners that more than anything look like the antechamber of the gallows, we find the way of shortening distances and putting a stone on it .

Who is wrong or right, it does not matter: with calm and tenderness everything can be solved , even more so if we expect a period of leisure and happiness for two .

Under the sheets: instead of putting the ashes under the carpet, let’s settle under the sheets. A meeting with a high rate of eroticism is certainly the best that can be done to replace the couple and to quickly forget the arguments. After the outburst, we take off our best weapons: shower, perfume, lingerie to scream: the result will be assured and peace too. A restful sleep in each other’s arms and voila, you’re done. Simple and commonplace, but it works!

Take it by the throat: you know, the appetite comes with eating and if you eat well, the conclusion can only be sweet. A dinner by candlelight, a few delicacies preceded by snacks and bubbles, a bit ‘of laughter and some caresses: how to resist so much attention? The ending is obvious, but no less intriguing, even more so if under the dress we have a linen that leaves nothing to the imagination. The dessert should be served in the bedroom, we certainly do not lack imagination.

Far from where: before risking a pouting holiday and forgetting money and health, we try to run for cover by organizing a romantic getaway with a short mail ride. Whether it’s a single night or a weekend, the important thing is to leave the house and catapult us into a romantic context where the watchword is only one: relaxation. Let’s take the time we need, get away from the usual routine, let’s leave the hectic life behind and focus only on us. The distance makes us see everything in a different perspective and allows us to give value to the here and now. What are we waiting for?

Popcorn and chips: if we do not have time to prepare a delicious dinner, we focus on a quiet evening based on home cinema. Sometimes even a little ‘relaxation on the sofa looks like a mirage and now it’s time to leave the bills to be filed and the shirts to be ironed. Let’s go to the supermarket and refuel with popcorn, popcorn or at least order a pizza: nothing more beautiful than watching a film close, neighbors and then comment, laugh or reflect together on what we have seen. Even sharing an almost extraordinary everyday life can serve to bring the situation back into balance. Little expense, so much surrender.

As before: to rediscover the lost understanding, we can also try to find those little things that once made us so much pleasure. A walk hand in hand, even in perfect silence, can be perfect to ward off bad moods and bury the hatchet. After dinner an ice cream and a light and carefree chat will be ideal to temper the tension; once at home, a double shower and a reciprocal massage will do the rest. Let’s turn on a bit of music, low volume and slow rhythms: nothing better for a day’s end in the name of feeling good together. The holiday could not come at a better time …

Maine and Alden Marry Young – How Long Marriage Makes You Happy, 20 Years Only?

“Once the awareness is accepted that even among the closest beings continue to exist infinite distances, a wonderful life can evolve, side by side, if those beings can love this distance between them, which makes it possible for each of them to see the other, in its entirety, silhouetted against the sky, ” wrote the poet Rainer Maria Rilke .

One more reason to believe the outcome of a study published by researchers from Pennsylvania State and Brigham Young Universities is plausible . The experts analyzed the marital satisfaction of 2,034 married people , (average age of 35-year-old women, of men 37), bringing to light that marital satisfaction gradually decreases during the first 20 years of marriage and begins to stabilize again after this period. The same trend of decline and increase is valid for participation in shared activities and for the progressive decrease in the level of disagreement. How do you explain this phenomenon? We talked about it with the psychologist and psychoanalyst Laura Porzio Giusto.

The first love is never forgotten: that’s why the legs continue to shake

“The time that two people spend together to build their world together is fundamental – explains the specialist – The couple is something more than the union of two individuals: it is a complex structure within which the basic needs are satisfied. Narcissistic needs, of attachment, of stability, of intimacy. The couple is a place to be oneself, where to differentiate and merge into the other. It is clear that the need for security, like that of authenticity, is more satisfied in a long-term couple “.

The time factor is central , but also starting a relationship with the right foot helps. “We think of the fear of not being loved, of the judgment of the other: they are more frequent in the early stages of a relationship. The quality of a relationship has a lot to do with shared experiences, with everyday life, with travels, with the difficulties we experience together in the various stages of life, with the joys, with the projects, with the fantasies, with the intense experiences lived together. All this consolidates and reinforces the bond. Building the shared experiences from the beginning of the relationship means leaving with a good baggage, which can be enriched over the years “.

I have so many friends of different ages than mine: is it so strange?

Undoubtedly, a twenty-year-old bag makes the difference . “Good departures can still lead to different paths – explains Porzio – Without a good seal you do not go far. The fact that long-term couples are happier than those at the beginning still depends on many other factors. In the first place, the couple is a space in which new possibilities of thinking, of imagining, of developing energies are created, of limiting personal anguish and of facilitating the elaboration of internal conflicts. The couple can therefore be a therapeutic space, with a healing power for their wounds. Twenty-year-old couples are couples who may have had children, through mourning: over the years many things happen, this creates a very strong bond “.

It takes time for these elements to consolidate and mature within a couple. “At the beginning there are mechanisms of idealization and less shared experiences “. Rituals are also very important in long-term couples. “Maybe, on the way back from a dinner with friends, couples comment on what happened and what was said. This helps to confirm the values ​​of the couple: it is a reciprocal reassurance on their positions “.

Even the social recognition has its own importance for stability and prosperity. “A couple is not just the union of two people – concludes the expert – Involves relatives, families of origin, friends, the neighborhood. The possibility of recognizing all types of union is important: it makes people feel recognized by others in their affections. It is like a right to existence “. The distribution of roles and functions plays a fundamental role in established couples. Often there is still a tendency to have rigid and traditional patterns, based on gender. “For this reason we can certainly be inspired by Lgbt couples: greater flexibility with respect to roles leads to greater well-being of the couple, and this also falls on the education of children”.

No 1 Rule At The Office or Office-mate Etiquette, Maine Mendoza Is Professional Indeed

And we know for a time, na si Maine nag office din kaya this is how Maine first exercised her professionalism. No wonder she is loved by many co-workers.

And it is with colleagues and superiors that you live longer. As with every cohabitation, even the one with the desk neighbors has its own cats to peel. With colleagues and superiors there are good rules that it is good to put into practice to safeguard relationships.

Let’s see some behaviors to keep in the office

Attitudes to be avoided: In the workplace, the rules or etiquette and good education that should be followed in private and social life are valid: for example, gossiping is certainly not a good attitude even among colleagues, as well as presenting yourself at work with too much perfume intense or, on the contrary, without proper hygiene, can cause annoying aromas for those who work alongside for many hours.

Send useless emails

Although email is now essential for the exchange of information, it is important that use is not excessive. The email must not succeed in replacing direct communication, otherwise it is a sign of a lack of trust in the other, or worse still, of a lack of human relationships.

Never forget that in the office you are not alone and it is important not to disturb others . In particular, you should avoid using a loud voice when talking on the phone (especially if you do it for personal reasons), and in the case of a cell phone, better to avoid too high ringtones that can distract too much.

Eating at the desk

There are those who bring the salad from home, who orders pizza on the phone, who goes to the supermarket. But the lunch break at the desk can be the cause of several hassles for colleagues : food smells, as well as chewing and other annoying noises, not to mention the risk that crumbs and traces of grease end up on work documents. It is preferable, to reactivate the concentration, to take a healthy breath of air.

Delaying to the meetings

The meeting is one of the most important moments of confrontation between colleagues. For this reason, it is forbidden to arrive late : it is shown not to take into consideration the time of others. Furthermore, even if it is done for work reasons, it is preferable not to use tablets and smartphones during meetings.

Keep the desk in order

There are those who turn their desk into a kind of bazaar, filling it with family photos, ornaments and travel souvenirs, and who pile up the work documents without a criterion and an order, thus ending up remaining almost “buried”. It is not the case to exaggerate, above all it is necessary to avoid that one’s own chaos ends up damaging the others.

Take too many breaks

First the coffee break, then the tour to the toilet and then the cigarette break , several times during the day. Who takes too many breaks ends up not being much appreciated and to be uncooperative. You can in fact use the time, instead of yet another coffee, to help colleagues deal with their duties.

Don’t present yourself when you are sick

Since nobody wants to risk getting sick, it is better to avoid having to show up at the office with a fever . Even employers are now aware that a sick employee is more of a risk than an advantage, because it can also affect those who are healthy.

The number 1 rule of course, is the golden rule, do not do unto others what you do not want others to do to you.

Tried Putting Gold Yes Real Gold As Facial for Beautiful Skin and The Results Are In

We know Maine Mendoza really takes good care of her skin especially sa face, but it is often exposed to the sun.

Especially during her barangay segments, that is why she often visits Dra Vicky Belo.

No surprise, that followers of Maine will try her regimen.

Stars local and international have their own secrets, so let us take a look at them here.

All-natural face and make-up masks requires no retouching for the most famous stars. There are many face and body treatments most loved by VIPs. The facial appreciated by the stars are a panacea for our skin. Scarlett Johansson, Hilary Swank, Gisele Bündchen and Gwyneth Paltrow seem to love this facial treatment based on massages and ad hoc products. It helps to outline the contours of the face, illuminate the skin and improve blood circulation. They are natural and painless remedies, allowing you to stay away from scalpels and silicones.

Sara Sampaio smiling takes a selfie with her face covered with golden leaves. Thus Irina Shayk , Chiara Ferragni and her sister. Naomi Campbell , the model who has been driving catwalks all over the world for years , seems to be a habituée and a trusted consumer of beauty products. There are many top models and influencers who use them: everything to have a fresh and bright skin.

The Gold Mask of Mimi Luzon, in this period, is the most popular by international celebrities. On their Instagram profiles go crazy photos that advertise the product in question, enhancing the benefits. All celebrities must undergo a beauty routine as a star that keeps them young and enchanting. It is a series of mysterious cosmetics that are making Hollywood divas crazy.

There is no successful technique if you do not maintain a good skin underneath, a beauty rule that the ever young Victoria Beckham is advocating. These are “intelligent masks”. Technically, these are devices with encapsulated masks. These offer complete facial treatment in 90 seconds. So after the UFO-Make my Day ritual, based on hyaluronic acid and red algae, the complexion will immediately be fresher and brighter.

Kiehl’s is the beauty brand born in 1851 in a small pharmacy in the East Village of New York. This is the classic brand synonymous with real quality that has literally conquered the head of Kate Middletton. For her last royal expedition to Sweden, the Duchess of Cambridge, under the guidance of her personal hairstylist Amanda Cook Tucker, modeled her hair with Creme with Silk Groom. It is a product based on silk powders and oils with easy absorption, which nourishes and protects hair from the cold. Useful to any woman, it is a panacea in view of the winter season or trips to cold and arctic destinations.

On the occasion of the Oscars night 2018, the well-known make-up artist Rachel Goodwin illuminated the face of the actress Emma Stone by applying her the new Ginger Leaf & Hibiscus Firming Mask. The goal is to offer an immediate firming effect .

Professor Augustinus Bader is one of the leading experts in regenerative medicine. He is the one who created a Momementum Bionics Hydrogel. It is an all-natural product capable of activating a skin self-healing process.

Following this discovery, Bader decided to start a skincare line composed of two anti-age face creams rich in natural active ingredients and much loved by stars all over the world. A cream is suitable for normal skin, the other is specific for dry skin.

In the salon of Sarah Champan , in Chelsea, I’m at home with Vicktoria Beckham and, for some months now, also Meghan Markle. The famous London facialist, who also signs her own line of deluxe facial and body cosmetics, is famous for her customized facial. A great innovation is the possibility offered by the general public, allowing to approach its treatments thanks to the invention of the facial-in-a-box Skinesis, a kit for a do-it-yourself facial .

With more than twenty years of experience, Vaishaly Patel is one of the most famous facialist in the field and most appreciated. The success is due to the philosophy of its salon based on simplicity. It does not require many different products to have a beautiful skin. “I believe that the skin should be treated in the most gentle and natural way possible”. Then he explained: “The products of my protocol follow this philosophy, that is less is more. I avoid some ingredients to reduce the risk of irritation, especially when the skin is particularly sensitive “. Furthermore, the state of the skin also depends on the psychological state. The protocol you elaborate includes at least 25 minutes of massage of the face and head, starting from the nape. A practice that leads to a level of deep relaxation. In this way it will be possible to further improve our skin.

In the A list of the facialist is also the name of Yvonne Martin appears. She is dubbed the “skin transformer”. “All our treatments, especially facial, are tailored to the needs of the face we face,” said the facialist. “I believe in treatments that can bring visible results even in the long term. There is constant technological research to find better products and treatments. However, we must never abandon the knowledge of the past that should always be combined with new products.

The treatment begins with a delicate and deep cleansing with firm and determined movements that stretch, lift and caress every part of the face, up to the décolleté. With the fingers we proceed with a sequence of repeated movements from the cheeks to the temples, from the jaw to the neck ending on the eye contour.

The orbicular muscle of the lower and upper eyelid is then stretched with percussive and rotatory movements, stretching the eyebrow area. This movement helps to lift the eyebrow arch and stretch the wrinkles around the eyes. Rhythmic movements of the fingers on the cheekbones instead contribute to the lifting of the cheekbones and the distension of the muscles on the sides of the mouth, where deep wrinkles are generally visible.

So far the gold treatment is the best I have experienced and it really gives results.

I Tested if Eating Melon Can Really Help Lose Weight And This is the Result

The melon is one of the most characteristic fruit especially in hot weather. Not everyone knows, however, that it can also be a very valuable ally to lose weight. Know its properties and see how it can be included in a rich and balanced diet, to lose a few kg more.

Properties of the melon

Belonging to the Cucurbitaceae family , as well as watermelon and pumpkin, it is the product of the plant called Cucumis Melo.

It is thought to be native to Asia, which currently appears to be the largest producer of these fruits in the world. Composed of more than 90% of water, it is a very thirst-quenching and diuretic fruit.

It also has good doses of carbohydrates and fibers. It is also very rich in mineral salts, among which the great presence of potassium stands out, indispensable for the reintegration of liquids lost through sweating in summer.

But we also find phosphorus, zinc, magnesium, sodium and calcium, all very useful for our health.

For what concerns the vitamins, the presence of A, but also C and some of the B group, mainly B1, B2, B3 and B6 stand out.

There is a massive presence of beta – carotene , which helps us to have a good color during the summer and which can also protect us from the sun’s rays. Finally, it does not have a large caloric intake. Suffice it to say that 100 g relate to 90 of water and only 34 calories. This is why it can safely be included in a weight loss diet.

Melon diet: what to eat

Let’s see, now, what to eat in case you want to follow the aforementioned melon diet . We find many of them nowadays almost everywhere. In any case, we always suggest that you turn to a nutritionist or a dietician, to make sure you have a balanced diet, which does not cause such shortcomings.

Here, by way of example, a type of weekly scheme to follow a diet based on our orange food.

Every day there is the same breakfast: melon and watermelon smoothie, two wholemeal rusks. For the snack, however, a thin yogurt will be fine in the morning and a glass of skim milk in the afternoon.

On Monday, at lunch we can opt for grilled turkey, salad and a melon sorbet. At dinner, 60 g of brown rice, ham and melon (70 g of ham and three slices of the fruit).

On Tuesday, instead, at lunch we will choose sliced ​​and grilled vegetables, plus two balls of fruit ice-cream. At dinner, 100 g of cheese, a slice of wholemeal bread, salad and fruit salad with melon and apricots.

For Wednesdays, grilled fish with vegetables, plus three slices of our fruit; for dinner, 60 g of spaghetti with tomato sauce and granita with our fruit.

On Thursday, we can opt for pizza with vegetables plus three slices of the fruit, while at dinner we will choose carpaccio of bresaola with rocket and lemon, plus the fruit salad we have already seen.

Finally, on Fridays: lunch with caprese, plus two balls of melon and strawberry ice-cream, dinner with salads where the fruit will be present, plus 30 g of wholemeal bread.

Now, after 2 weeks of trying it. See kailangan ko pa pumunta ng SM kasi sa mga malls lang may melon and if you buy dapat damihan mo lalo na pag malayo.

So far, there is a dip in the weighing scale ha. About a kilo was lost after 2 weeks. Pero that is because I did not anything to supplement this.

Ibig sabihin yung normal ko na diet, and no additional diet and even exercise yung usual ko lang.

So definitely I can say na merong effect and melon. One thing you will notice is that your bowel movement is good.

Best advice ko lang is you can just eat na lang the melon raw. Or follow the steps above if you wish to incorporate it with your food.

Sa Mga Babae, Follow These 6 Simple Steps to Get Better Sleep Lalo Pagnagkaka-edad Na


Going to bed and getting up at the same time is the number one rule for a trouble-free sleep. A good habit that, in the frenzy of everyday life, we are losing a bit, but that is fundamental for our biological clock.

As for the ‘afternoon nap’ instead, ideal to break the labors of the day, experts recommend a maximum duration of half an hour.

A nap of longer duration would, in fact, lead to a deep sleep phase that could have a negative effect on our regular sleep and wakefulness.


Physical activity: performing a regular and adequate physical activity is a panacea for the quality of rest and for our psychophysical well being.

But beware: in the hours before sleep you have to avoid the most intense activities (which stimulate the production of adrenaline), to prefer those sweet and relaxing, such as yoga or pilates.

Meditation can also be a very effective remedy for treating insomnia and sleep disorders: meditating helps to relax the mind by calming the flow of thoughts that often causes our anxieties and worries.


Dine light: it is essential to consume light dinners and healthy and healthy foods.

Plentiful meals, heavy and very fatty foods, or excessively spicy make digestion more difficult and longer and are the enemies of good rest and mood, causing sudden awakening and restless sleep.

Ultimately, it is clear that sleep and nutrition are closely linked to each other and, a healthy and balanced diet, encouraging the right intake of useful substances to our body, is also essential to improve the quality of our rest.


Avoid exciters: coffee, tea, alcohol, energizing drinks and even tobacco should be avoided six to four hours before the time you withdraw.

Alcoholic beverages, even if they are drowsy, disturb the rest favoring nocturnal awakenings.

Mother Nature provides us with a whole series of herbs and flowers which, prepared and blended by the millenary wisdom of man, represent powerful allies for a good rest.

Chamomile, Valeriana, Hawthorn flowers and Melissa are some of the most effective teas to promote the onset of sleep.


No technology: it is advisable not to keep TV on, videogames, phone or tablet in the bedroom, nor PC.

The bedroom should be the place of our rest and relaxation, not our office or an extension of our living room.

It is therefore essential to recreate an environment that is as peaceful and relaxing as possible.

To promote sleep and relaxation, it may be useful to repeat a goodnight ritual with something we like to do.

For example, reading a good book, writing a diary page or practicing self-massage with essential oils or a fragrant cream.


Choose the environment in which you sleep: double glazing, insulating materials on the walls, blinds and curtains are just some of the tools at your disposal to create an environment as protected as possible from the two worst enemies of the quality of sleep: the brightness and the ‘noise pollution, which today disturb the rest especially those who live in the city.

It is also very important to ventilate the bedroom regularly, at least once a day: an excellent way to fight mites, a source of allergies, and to eliminate traces of moisture accumulated in the bed and between the sheets.

Nagulat Ako Because Lemon Has Powerful Benefits Against Headaches, Anxiety, Eto Yun

Headache affects everyone at least once in a while, while anxiety is unfortunately the third most widespread mental disorder.

Doctors often prescribe various drugs against headaches and anxiety, which often cause different effects. What if we told you that in some cases the headache can be treated with natural ingredients and methods? If the situation is not serious, why not try?

Lavender is a great product to eliminate headaches in a natural way and without risk to health. Furthermore, it has a relaxing effect that helps fight against anxiety.

It is a herb with a powerful relaxing effect, and its flowers and the oil obtained from them contain numerous health benefits.

Lavender has a chemically complex structure, as it contains more than 150 beneficial components, responsible for its multiple medicinal properties.

It seems that lavender oil has antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, sedative, anti-fungal, antimicrobial analgesic and hypotensive and antidepressant properties.

According to a study conducted in Florida, this oil reduces anxiety, and was tested on a group of students undergoing stressful school tests.

It would also seem that lavender reduces pre-operative stress.

Lavender oil may be effective in treating the symptoms of mild depression, may improve problems of insomnia, treat symptoms of nasal congestion, lenir and headaches, relieve a hangover and decrease pain.

In addition, the researchers found that lavender oil decreases anxiety and could improve mood.

Thanks to the presence of lemon you can drink a lemonade with a refreshing, excellent and delicious flavor. The lemon, moreover, will give it flavor without having to resort to the additional calories of sugar.


1/4 cup of dry lavender for food use (or 1 drop of lavender essential oil)
The juice of 6 lemons
5 cups of water
1 cup of honey
Fresh lavender flowers to decorate


Boil half of the water in a saucepan, then remove from the heat and add honey and dried lavender. leave in infusion for about 20 minutes. Strain and put in a carafe. Add the remaining water and lemon juice.
Put in the fridge to cool off.

Parents Na Sobrang Protective Nakakasama Pala sa Mga Bata

Maine Mendoza admits ha na her parents are stringent, but she acknowledges na kung dahil dito she would not be disciplined.

However, hindi gaanong overprotective sina Nanay at Tatay Dub. Protective but not over.

But experts say that too much of being aggressive or over protective to the child is not good.

In English cultures they are called ‘helicopter parents’, they are those mothers and those fathers who take an overprotective attitude towards their children.

A behavior that, according to a recent study published in Developmental Psychology, could in the long run compromise emotional development and the ability to cope with stressful situations in children.

To reach this conclusion, the international research team that carried out the study monitored over 400 children (aged 2, 5 and 10 years) for eight years, conducting some experiments with them.

The first experiment was to observe the two-year-olds while playing with their mothers, in order to assess the extent to which the parent was protective and keep the child under control.

After reaching 5 years of age, the reactions of the little ones were tested with some targeted tests, for example by observing what happened when they received a portion of the cake too small, or by measuring their ability to solve a riddle in time.

Well, the results showed that a more apprehensive behavior of parents was associated with less control of children’s emotions, especially at the age of 5 years.

In addition, the children of the ‘helicopter parents’ showed fewer social interactions and worse school performance at the age of 10.

According to specialists, to promote the development of emotional and behavioral skills, parents should reduce a little control and allow children to experience a range of emotions, give them space to practice and try to manage these emotions independently and assist them only when a task becomes too difficult for them.

Buko or Coconut Fruit Pinagkaguluhan Abroad Pero Dito Binabaliwala Lang ng Pilipino

The Benefits of Buko or Coconut Especially As A Beauty and Skin Treatment in the Philippines

​​Nourishing, moisturizing, repairing. It is not just for the exotic scent that we associate it to: coconut has become an active ingredient of beauty routine in places where it is hot like the Philippines, also for the recognized beneficial properties for the skin.

Milk, water and oil are used to symbolize the treatment, to moisturize dry skin, to calm redness after the sun, to nourish brittle hair. Protective milks with emollient action and a cocoon after sun, which give an immediate sensation of coolness and comfort to the skin, we also find it in moisturizing creams and face masks with moisturizing and restorative action, ideal after being exposed to the sun but also during the rest of the year.

In the shower, the coconut releases its sweet and refreshing fragrance, relaxes and reduces stress and tiredness.

The extract, rich in carbohydrates, mineral salts, proteins and vitamins, deeply moisturizes and regenerates the skin. Thanks to its emollient and moisturizing action, it not only helps to counteract the loss of skin elasticity, but also to combat the signs of aging caused in part by environmental agents, such as the sun’s rays. Creams, lotions and body butters give nourishment and brightness, while the lip balms soften the lips and calm chaps and cracks.

On the crown, coconut oil penetrates the heart of the capillary fibers and nourishes them deeply thanks to the richness of vitamins and lauric acid. It has a high affinity with hair proteins, so as to improve the quality of the fiber. Gives soft and luminous hair thanks to its emollient properties, protects them by limiting the friction of the comb, preserves the fiber from daily aggressions and the damages of aging.

Coconut oil is a valuable ally of the diet: rich in good fats, if consumed in the recommended doses hydrates dry skin and illuminates it, as well as the food products that contain it. Try a mask with coconut yogurt, avocado and honey: it is a quick and effective anti-aging remedy. Lastly, in addition to being used in cosmetics, coconut water is also a refreshing, detoxifying, detoxifying, fat-free drink with very few calories: it provides the necessary hydration in summer, fights cellulite , stimulates metabolism, promotes detoxification of the organism.

I Tried The Lemme Diet for Woman 30 Years and Up, Here is what I Found Out

The Lemme diet is now very famous almost everywhere. We try to understand what kind of menu follows and what are the strengths and weaknesses of this diet.

Diet Lemme
Many pointed out because perhaps too rigid , the Lemme diet takes its name from its founder, the pharmacist Lemme. First of all, we must remember that the term diet is improper. In fact, its creator prefers to call it with the name of food philosophy . In essence, it is a school of thought for energy and health and is based on some fundamental concepts.

This philosophy can be vegetarian, vegan or omnivorous. It is divided into two phases. The first concerns a phase of weight loss, where you can actually lose many kgs in a short time. In the second phase, however, we will have the maintenance , where we can eat even a little more. Contrary to other diets, the Lemme does not provide portions to follow. Finally, there are foods that are even banned. They are represented by sugar, including sweeteners, salt, bread, milk, vinegar and cheese.

Diet menu Lemme
Let’s see, now, a type of menu concerning the Lemme diet. What we propose is, of course, just an example. There are many other menus that we can consider.

The first two days, we can opt for chicken or turkey meat and coffee for breakfast, while at lunch we can eat a fillet of beef with coffee . At dinner, swordfish plus coffee. On the third, fourth and seventh day we go for breakfast with oil and chilli pasta, with coffee. Follow the chicken breast for lunch and the sole for dinner. Finally, on the fifth and sixth day, we will eat artichokes and coffee in the morning, a Florentine for lunch and a bream at dinner, all with coffee.

The diet or, better, the food philosophy, works precisely because it is very drastic. It is logical that the fewer calories are introduced and the more we get to lose weight. But this is certainly not good for our health. We must therefore be very careful in following this type of food philosophy, perhaps referring to a nutritionist .


If the Lemme diet is not enough, we can consider taking some type of supplement. One of these is called Perdipeso . What’s it about? It is a supplement of natural origin, with a patented Tricitrico formula in France and clinically tested. It combines three citrus fruits , grapefruit, orange and red orange, with a strong fat-burning action .The product can be sold on the internet and that’s it, through its official website. Offers two types of actions: day and night. The day is useful as a fat burner, to reduce swelling and to easily eliminate water retention. The other, however, is responsible for regularizing the natural intestinal functions, to maintain healthy urinary tract and to bring benefits to the skin.

I can say that there is a significant improvement in health. However this takes disciple and of course preparation to maintain. Like they say, it takes 21 days to keep a new habit, so good luck with me and good luck with you if you want to try it.