Support Maine and MAC Lipstick, Only 6 Stock Items Left

Marami pa rin ang nagtatanong kung paano ba makakabili ng MAC lipstick especially now that it is sold out. Well, don’t fret there are so many ways to get hold of a MAC lipstick.

The important thing is that you can support the endorsements of Maine Mendoza and in this case, MAC.

Will have more details about that later, but first eto muna.

The Mac Matte Lipstick Whirl product is on limited stocks with 6 items left already.

Yung WHIRL kasi is the dirty rose na shade and it has matte finish.

Internationally, this is sold and fulfilled at Amazon. Just use the link below.

The price is only around Php 1,400 only not including the taxes or freight. But good for those who live in the US.

Based on reviews marami ang nagkakagusto nito because it gives you that 90s look. Perfect to wear with a black colored choker, along with boots and flannel.

Like all MAC lipsticks this really stays and really moisturizes your lips all day.

This is a legit product supplied by MAC Company according to Amazon.

So make sure to follow the Amazon link above.

Para sa mga nag-hihintay ng Maine shade of MAC, don’t worry you can still have a chance to buy it lalo na dito sa Pilipinas.

Authentic MAC lipsticks will be sold by ADNs mismo online. Kaya lang just be extra careful who you are dealing with. And knowing ADNs, they are trustworthy naman, but nothing wrong with being extra careful.

Watch videos about Maine Mendoza and MAC Lipstick endorsement below

Where to buy Maine Mendoza’s MAC Lipstick in the Philippines, USA, Worldwide and outside the Philippines

Maine Mendoza’s MAC lipstick shade is yet to be available, but fans of the phenomenal star are clamoring for it. In fact, the company received several preorders.

So how do you buy and where do you buy Maine’s MAC lipstick.

First, for now your first option is to purchase existing MAC lipstick shades. The ones that Maine Mendoza use for herself. In the Philippines, you can buy MAC lipstick here:Written by, DO NOT COPY PASTE REPOST OR REBLOG

1.) Rustans – high end shopping places like this do have sections that sell MAC.
2.) SM Malls – yes you will find them here as well but not all SMs may have stalls or boutiques that sell them
3.) Online and grey market – although this can be tricky, be aware of imitations. So best bet are direct buy-and-sell dealers, those who buy MAC products, let’s say from US and they bring it here or import to sell them at a markup.

If you find them selling at Lazada or Shopee, just be careful and do extra research about the authenticity of the product. After all, you are putting it onto your lips.

Outside the country, your options are many. As it is easy to purchase MAC lipstick, especially those shades that Maine uses. If you are in the US for example, it is quite easy.Written by, DO NOT COPY PASTE REPOST OR REBLOG

1.) MAC website – your best option of course is to visit the official website In fact, in the Philippines you can order as well.
2.) Amazon is where you will find a variety of MAC lipstick shades and even other products, so check them out.

MAC as of summer announced that they are still in the process of the production for Maine’s very own shade. So expect that this product will be sold out.

Check out all these MAC Lipstick products below:Written by, DO NOT COPY PASTE REPOST OR REBLOG

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Are you iPhone X user just like Maine Mendoza, This case will wow you

View the product here:

The secured raised catches and space provided for the speaker grills, ports, back camera and quiet catch are impeccably fit the iPhone!

100% custom produced creation and fortified sewing makes it much more strong and shockproof.

Top of the line leather casing: Use High-quality sturdy material for the administration life, delicate PU material brings extremely agreeable touch feel.

A complete covering configuration to update Anti-fall defensive framework.

This is only designed for the iPhone X 5.8 inches.

Expansive CAPACITY : to oblige a wide grouping of your day by day take fundamentals (Mastercard, ID, driver permit and cash).with against lost lanyard, hold your telephone more advantageous and without stress of losing it.

Delicate MATERIALS: produced using Leather + TPU base shell, soft calfskin texture, making it agreeable to the touch and a delight to look at. Completely designed from scratch approach and fortified sewing makes it significantly more sturdy and shockproof.

It takes care of all corners and incorporates raised edging and a TPU lip to shield the smartphone screen from being scratched or hitting the ground. Precise patterns: Precise patterns for speakers, charging ports, sound ports and catches for your benefit.

WENBELLE client group would attempt to win 100% client satisfaction. If you meet any inquiry, please reach us, we will settle your issue inside 24 hours.

View the product here:

MAC Lipstick – Ruby Woo Retro Matte Review

Maine Mendosa endorses MAC Lipstick. While her recently created lipstick is yet to hit stores, here is a feature of their company’s best seller the Ruby Woo on Amazon.

Much the same as every other person, I cherish Ruby Woo. I had caught wind of this shading perpetually, so at long last needed to take care of business and get it. It is a delightful rich looking lipstick that looks astounding on my fruition (brilliant tan). It wears well and for a long time with only a couple of touch ups. This is one of two goes to red lipsticks, and will probably remain as such as for some time. Would prescribe and purchase once more.

I had heard for a considerable length of time about how this is the ideal red for pretty much anybody. It is so costly, I had not obtained yet. I got a present card for Christmas lastly requested. It is alright. Certainly, a matte, so I include a shimmery shimmer top inconspicuous; however, shields me from looking dead level in the lips. My issue with true reds is… I lack yellow teeth. Certain reds bring out even the most modest piece of yellow…so I get hesitant wearing this, and it influences me to think I have to go hammer some peak white strips into my life instantly, when I do not. So…there must be something “yellow prompting” in this specific lipstick. I for the most part run with a darker/maroon or tinged towards dark colored shade like raspberry for that reason. No matter.

This is red. Exceptionally red. Make-your-blood-desirous, red. Ensure you have a decent lip liner. Wear this with that retro dress you have been covering up in your storage room. Hell yes.

How to Look Like Maine Mendoza OOTD-a-like!

Very summer talaga itong OOTD ni Maine sa photoshoot na ito.

Looking forward to achieve this look! Here are a few OOTD-a-likes!

Check out them below:

Benefits of Taro or Gabi Vegetable Include Baby Food Sub and Cleaning Agent

There are many benefits of taro including fiber and vitamins and minerals. Here is a list.

Source: Official FAO or Food and Agriculture Organization site.

Taro or gabi is a very popular root crop in the Philippines particularly in the provinces.

The plant is a member of a group of swamp or marsh capable species which have large leaves.

They often grow near rivers and rice farms. That is why most of the farmers find it a staple food and replacement of meat.

The food is usually prepared with coconut milk and often served with chilli.

The root crop is very gelatinous both in uncooked and cooked state which makes it a turn off to some people especially those who do not like okra.

Now let us talk about the benefits of taro or gabi plant:

1.) The food is very rich in fiber which is good for those who have digestive or intestinal problems.
2.) Before we proceed more into the nutritional benefits, don’t you know that taros are an to chemical based household cleaning agent? Yes, because it contains oxalic acid, a main ingredient in bleaching and cleaning products. It also helps remove rust.
3.) The corm or the root crop itself can also be dried to form as a substitute baking flour. In fact, there are delicacies in the Philippines made of gabi corm.
4.) The crop is also an alternative baby food.
5.) And of course vitamins like A and C are in it.
6.) And to those who are into vegetable diet, it is a good replacement for meat as the leaves of the gabi plant contain more protein.

There are several ways to prepare a gabi or taro dish.

One is to prepare it with coco milk. You can sauté the leaves and the stalk and chop the corm into cubes.

For stews, mix it with beef, pork or any meat, as it is good replacement for other crops like potato.

For snacks, you can slice taro into thin strips and deep fry just like potato fries.

As a frozen good, you can grind the root crop into paste and mix with milk, cream and sugar to create gabi ice cream.

However you prepare, there are indeed benefits of taro plant as a healthy food.

Find more information about taro from the official FAO or Food and Agriculture Organization site.

No 7 Sakit Sa Mga Babae Age 25-35 Nakamamatay Source: UNESCO, WHO, Alamin Kung Ano Ito

Sa mga babaeng aged 25-35, isang grupo ng mga sakit ay idiniklarang isa sa mga nakakamatay or deadly diseases.

Ito ay base sa mga sources mula sa WHO, World Bank, UNESCO, CIA.

From the top 10 fatal diseases, endocrine disorders are at number 7.

Number 1 is poisoning and breast cancer, pero ano nga ba itong number 7 na mga sakit sa endokrina na sinasabing nakamamatay or a leading cause of death.

I. Ano nga ba ang sistema na ito?

Narito ang isang video na nagpapaliwanag kung ano ito.

The system is the group of glands that make hormones na may kinalaman sa metabolismo, growth and development sa mga tissue ng katawan, functions like sexual and reproduction, at ito rin ay may kinalaman sa iyong pagtulog at ang iyong mood.

II. Anu-ano ang mga sakit dito?

Maaari po na ang isang tao ay magkaka-develop ng mga sakit sa isa or higit pa sa mga areas na ito: Pineal gland, Pituitary gland, Thyroid gland, Thymus, Adrenal gland, Pancreas at Ovary.

Kasama rito ang mga sakit na diabetes type 1 and type 2, insulinoma, goiter, osteoporosis, premature menopause

Isa sa mga pinaka-common na disorder ay matatagpuan sa Thyroid Gland.

Narito ang isang video that will explain about this disease.

III. Anu-ano ang mga sanhi ?

Iba’t iba ang sanhi ng mga sakit na ito. Maaaring genetic or hereditary, o namamana.

Magkakasakit ka rin nito kung ikaw ay mayroong poor healthy lifestyle, umiinom, labis na pagkain ng matataba at maaalat.

Maaari ring maging sanhi ay isang aksidente.

Kapag ikaw rin ay labis na napupuyat, o masyadong binubugbog ang katawan sa trabaho. Not enough ang sleep or labis na pag-aabuso sa katawan.

At dahil rin sa katandaan, kaya nagkakaroon ng mga sakit sa endokrina.

IV. Paano maiiwasan o anu-ano ang mga lunas?

Mahalaga po na kayo ay kumunsulta sa isang espesyalista upang kayo po ang mabigyan ng tamang prescription.

Karamihan sa mga sakit na ito ay lumalabas habang ang isang tao ay tumatanda.

Ang pinaka-mahalagang dapat gawin ay ang maging maingat sa mga pagkain, tamang pagtulog at paghinga.

*Ang website na ito ay hindi po nagbibigay ng medikal na serbisyo, at hinihikayat karong magpakonsulta sa doktor. Ang datos ay galing mismo sa WHO, World Bank, UNESCO, CIA at sa kompilasyon ng website na World Life Expectancy. Maaaring mag-iba ang mga datos na ilalathala ng mga sources sa darating na panahon.

Narito ang mga videos na naglalaman ng mga tips at info na maaari ninyong sundin para sa isang healthy na sistema.

Kris Aquino Confirmed To Be Miss Universe Female Co-Host Alongside Steve Harvey?

Kris Aquino to host Miss Universe?

Why not? She definitely fits the bill.

But according to rumors, she’s rejected.

Steve Harvey is definitely hosting.

But they are still looking for a female co-host.

Among those reportedly auditioning are:

KC Concepcion

Ruffa Gutierrez

Joey Mead King

Ariadna Gutierrez

Charlene Gonzales-Muhlach

Who do you think fits as female co-host?

Vote Like! Lyca Gairanod Shows Kapamilya Xmas OOTD & Where to buy?


Fresh of course from the much talked about and successful premier of the Kapamilya Christmas Station ID, here is Lyca and her OOTD.

And it is no other than the official shirt for the Kapamilya’s Christmas campaign.

This year, it is “Isang Pamilya Tayo Ngayong Pasko!”

Our little teen superstar Lyca rocks her OOTD like a lady pro, you know.

Vote like above, or dislike if you think nakulangan pa kayo.

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