Hidden Ingredients of Croissants Why I Will Still Eat Them And Why You Won’t

It always depends on the type of bar .. many times we see that the croissants are of artisan or industrial origin.

For example, I work in a bakery and we make croissants every day. Let’s make a biga and knead .. the day after we collect the butter and not the daisy. The taste is quite another thing .. I leave you to imagine.

Here are minimal things that really make the difference.

The taste: most laboratories, to save time and money, use margarine .. comfortable to work and does not melt in your hands .. only that in the margarine are presented fatty acids that are hydrogenated .. they are called trans since not suitable and not recognized by our body once ingested. This is why they are harmful. Furthermore, margarine has no taste compared to butter.
Therefore, the industrialized croissants contain more fats and preservatives so that the product is excellent is perfect .. indeed it is good!

Craftsmanship : we know that machine-made croissants are different from those made by hand and I speak of shapes. But sometimes it’s not like that … every pastry chef has his technique and his dexterity. There are different ways of rolling out and completing a croissant … our every action is one of his reactions.
Investing in machinery : I agree to invest in laboratory machines to get a perfect and better product. Many people criticize this trend.
So, pastry, if you really are passionate, is perfection of the product .. pastry is science and art.

The machines are used to help the man not to get tired and to obtain excellent results .. I as a company would prefer to invest in machinery because I would challenge anyone to knead 7 kg of shortcrust pastry, and print many cookies by hand .. if I had to do more of 300 tartlets, first of all I would get mentally tired and then each of them would be different from the other .. would you sell a deformed product?

Once a lady at the desk told me: “your croissants are frozen” and I replied: “thank you lady is a compliment because I have become so good to overcome the car”

To protect customers it is right that the customer requests the list of ingredients included in the product
Many times the croissants are polished with water and sugar .. it is there that the croissant makes the difference
Analyze these aspects and choose, if you go every day, a bar of trust. PS: the butter does not hurt compared to margarine if it is of excellent quality and if it is eaten in moderation. Above all, it is said that vegan and cereals are necessarily frozen.
Unfortunately, most of the bars, to save money, buy the industrial croissants but at the same time are “killing” the craftsmanship of the product and the worker so as to increasingly prefer the big chains and the capitalist economy that has put in crisis many companies over time.

if I read the list of ingredients of almost every thing I eat out of home I probably would not have idea of ​​what half of the ingredients are used and I would not buy anything anymore.

From this discussion we can easily (not too much) exclude the artisan confectioners that produce their products “at home” and offer them to the consumer within the next 10 hours.

Having said that, I would probably continue to consume them considering that the manufacturing companies are still subject to controls by the bodies responsible for health supervision and therefore use approved and non-harmful ingredients (always if consumed in moderate quantities).


List of Food that Causes Inflammation, Risk for Cancer and Other Diseases

The inflammatory index of food is a concept little known by most consumers, even if it finds a relevant space in the nutrizinal medical field. The blogger Günther Karl Fuchs author of Papille Vagabonde in this article explains what is the relationship between the ingested food and the state of inflammation that can be generated in the body.

What is the food inflammation index? And who do you need? It is currently an index used more in medical-scientific studies than in everyday life. Inflammation is associated with a range of chronic health conditions, such as cancer and cardiovascular disease, so reducing it can help prevent or, in some cases, treat these conditions. Several studies indicate that nutrition can help to modulate inflammation. Research in recent years has shown that there are foods that can stimulate an inflammatory state, and others that can help to reduce it.

Inflammation is a defensive response of the organism to external attacks, a normal reaction of the immune system. The problem arises when the situation lasts a long time and becomes chronic over time. When it happens, it is called chronic low-grade inflammation ( chronic low-grade inflamation ), a condition that can stimulate cellular aging and, according to the researchers, favor the development of degenerative diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes and Alzheimer’s. For this reason nutritionists invite to follow a diet rich in anti-inflammatory foods and with less pro-inflammatory foods.

The index is calculated based on the impact of C-reactive protein, a measurable protein in the blood produced by the liver, which acts as a stable biological marker for detecting inflammation at an early stage. It is not the first time that we hear about the C-reactive protein (PCR), as it is a blood test that can be prescribed when there is a suspicion of a bacterial infection, a meningitis, cancer, but also a disease inflammatory intestinal, autoimmune, rheumatoid arthritis, chronic arthritis or Chron’s disease.

Among the foods that contribute to a generalized inflammatory state, researchers include sweets and industrial snacks
Once the reaction of the food to the C reactive protein has been evaluated , the foods are divided into 3 categories: pro-inflammatory, anti-inflammatory or neutral. It is not excluded that in the future this classification may become a better known index to the public, by virtue of the excessive increase in diseases related to inflammation.

Pro-inflammatory foods are those that due to their characteristics have the potential to worsen the state of inflammation. Generally it is very elaborate industrial food that contains among the ingredients in addition to saturated fats and cholesterol, also additives, dyes, sweeteners and flavor enhancers:

Sweets and industrial snacks
Broccoli nuts
Soups ready
Ready sauces
Processed meats
Salami (for the content of saturated fats and cholesterol)
Breaded chicken and fish fillets
Potatoes and chips *
Berry fruit, selective focus
In general, anti-inflammatory foods are of plant origin and rich in fiber and micronutrients
Foods that reduce the inflammatory state, generally are those with many fibers and some micronutrients contained in fruits and vegetables. In the list we find:

Cereal, especially whole wheat, in addition to wheat, rice, oats, barley, spelled, rye, buckwheat, millet.
Extra virgin olive oil (for the content of monounsaturated fats, vitamin E and polyphenols)
Flax and pumpkin seeds
Almonds and walnuts
Turmeric and ginger
Within a balanced diet it may be useful to prefer anti-inflammatory foods, with a low inflammation index, in particular for people who have already been diagnosed or when there is a risk of developing autoimmune diseases, cardiovascular diseases and diseases degenerative.

Although the inflammatory index of food may be a novelty for many, the theory adds nothing to the knowledge already known. The invitation is always to consume more cereals, better if whole, prefer extra virgin olive oil, eat five portions of fresh fruit and vegetables a day, the usefulness of consumption, even if moderate, of dried fruit (almonds) , nuts) and the limitation of all processed industrial foods rich in salt, saturated fats, sugar, additives and flavor enhancers.

Potatoes are considered pro-inflammatory due to their high glycemic index
(*) Note:

The inclusion by researchers in the list of inflammatory foods of potatoes has raised a lot of perplexity, but it should be remembered that they have a high glycemic index (such as sugar and 00 flour). The relationship between a high glycemic index and a high inflammatory index is known, even if the glycemic index of the potatoes varies for example in the baked ones from 56 to 111, if boiled from 56 to 101.

It is necessary to bear in mind that potatoes also recall a certain quantity of fats as a condiment in traditional cuisine and also frequency of consumption and quantity. Researchers do not invite to eliminate, but to reduce consumption. We must not focus on a specific food but on nutrition in general, which today is particularly rich in ready-made foods. Even partially reducing those would be an excellent goal, beyond the potato.

When to use eyeliner or kajal pencil, MAC Products are recommended

What are the main differences between a kajal pencil and a more traditional eyeliner? Let’s find out together.

The make-up sector is in great expansion. More and more, in fact, girls who are passionate about the world of makeup, also learning the most elaborate professional techniques to always be perfect. Taking a walk through the many specialized shops , you can also realize the amount of tools, products and colors that have invaded the market. Among the most successful innovations of recent years, we can mention the kajal pencil , used since ancient times in the Middle East . Being still little used, there is still a bit ‘of confusion about brands and ways of using the product. Let’s try, then, to do some clarity.

Differences between eyeliner and kajal

The confusion born around the kajal is above all in finding the differences with the more traditional eyeliner . The two products, in fact, while having the same functionality , have different consistencies that also differentiate their performance. Eyeliner and kajal have different origins and spread in slightly different ways.

Thanks to its denser consistency and less glossy black , the kajal has the characteristic of giving the eye an all- oriental depth , which is missing a little in the eyeliner line.

The eyeliner

Between eyeliner and kajal, we said, the main difference lies in consistency . The eyeliner is more liquid and is available in various shades, all quite bright . The line is applied over the eyelashes with a very thin brush, which is not easy to use. There is, however, also the pen version , convenient for beginners. The eyeliner is useful to cover the smudging of mascara or the attachment of false eyelashes and proves, for this, a very useful ally in the stage of makeup . It is a product that was born in the 50s, made famous by Marilyn Monroe.A light and soft make-up with a sinuous line extended to the outside, refines the feline look in a few steps. In addition to the thin line, the thicker one that approaches the style of rockability , as it used to wear Amy Whinehouse, is also fashionable. On the market, there are also waterproof gel eyeliner in a small jar to be spread with a slightly wet brush.

Among the good quality eyeliner brands you can throw yourself on a Mac . For a cheaper version, instead, the Kiko eyeliner is of good quality .

The kajal pencil

Let’s see how to use a kajal pencil instead . The make-up is of Indian origin, where it is used, by women, but also by men. The kajal is composed of a black paste with a thicker and dense consistency than the eyeliner. In the traditional version , the Kajal is inside a jar. The paste must then be applied using a small stick. In the modern version , instead, to facilitate the application, the product is already ready in stick . Simply remove the cap and it’s done. The black tip of the kajal is already cut diagonally so as to facilitate application inside the inner and outer rim of the eye.


MAC Cosmetics Product Helps You Get Glammed Up Longer Even If You Get Wet, Plus Other Products

Dive in the new season of glam in 2018 with water-resistant makeup products , the best of the waterproof offer of the moment.

When temperatures rise, it is important to aim for a functional make-up, which is waterproof and high-performance , suitable to guarantee long life.

We have selected for you the waterproof products of the moment . See them below.

Dior Diorshow Pump ‘N’ Volume Waterproof
Water-resistant suqeeze mascara, for eyelashes XXL, Dior’s word.

Pupa Milan Made to Last Liquid Eyeshadow
A waterproof liquid eye shadow with a metallic finish, available in 12 different colors.

Kat Von D Beauty 24-Hour Super Brow
The American brand offers an entire line of eyebrow creams with an extra duration of up to 24 hours. The colors available? From natural shades to bold ones like yellow, red and green to create a brow look outside the box.

Mac Cosmetics Pro Longwear Nourishing Waterproof Foundation
A waterproof foundation that promises an excellent seal, up to 24 hours.

Make Up For Ever Pro Bronze Fusion
Second skin effect with the waterproof bronzer of the French professional brand, ideal for creating a tanned complexion at the first touch.

Max Factor Excess Intensity Longwear Eyeliner
Waterproof and anti-smudge, this eyeliner promises a perfect seal up to 12 hours. Try it in electric blue for a glamorous summer make-up

THE Splash Lip Couture Matte Waterproof Color
An opaque liquid lipstick – proposed in an infinite variety of colors – that resist the dives in the pool as the most fiery kisses.

Daniel Sandler Watercolors ™ Liquid Blush
With vitamin E and jojoba, this liquid blush resists water and even rubbing, giving a healthy and radiant effect to the face.

Paola P Timeless Eye Pencil
Water-resistant eye pencil, ideal for coloring the inner eye or contouring it, also excellent as a base for summer smokey eyes tricks.

Kiko Standout Volume Waterproof Mascara
The latest addition to Kiko for voluminous lashes, in waterproof variant.

Dolomia Waterproof Lip Pencil
Enriched with vitamin E by its protective action, this water-resistant lip pencil can be applied alone or before lipstick for a long-lasting lip look.


A New Way To Get Rid of Cellulite for Women in 2018

Vacuum therapy, from the Latin vacuum therapy, is a treatment that, through the use of empty silicone cups connected to a suction pump, leads to the congestion of the areas on which they are applied.

In this way, the affected area is guaranteed: faster blood circulation; elimination of toxins; the nourishment of the tissues that compose it.

This therapy can be used both in the medical and in the aesthetic field.

In the first case, vacuum therapy is essential for: stimulating blood circulation; accelerate the healing and healing processes of wounds, burns and ulcers; reduce any swelling.

In the aesthetic field, however, it fights bitterly against cellulite, acne, varicose veins, orange peel skin and all possible skin blemishes.

For example, in the case of cellulitis, the therapy acts by stimulating the lymphatic and blood circulation, which involves the elimination of fat cells; or, in the case of acne, its main action is to eliminate waste and bacteria so as not to reform them.

Furthermore, one of the minor uses of vacuum therapy is that intended for the momentary resolution of erectile dysfunction.

But who do we need to experiment with and set up vacuum therapy?

It has its roots in the context of Chinese quantum medicine, according to which the ailments were nothing but alterations of the normal energy flow of the human organism and that, consequently, to recover it was necessary to return to the initial equilibrium.

In recent years, however, it has been rediscovered and patented in Sweden, only to have a great success in Denmark, until it reaches us.

Vacuum therapy vs cellulitis

As mentioned above, vacuum therapy can be an excellent ally against cellulite, a terrible monster that so afflicts the female world. But even if you try to fight it all the way, do you know what cellulite really is?

It is a pathology that involves the alteration of the subcutaneous fat tissue, ie the panniculo, whose cells swell up to burst and to pour their contents (triglycerides) into the surrounding area, thus obstructing the blood circulation. As we all know, it tends to predominantly affect the thighs, hips and buttocks.

The causes of swelling and bursting of fat cells may be different: an excessive accumulation of fat, the result of poor nutrition and lack of exercise (adipose cellulite); an increase in connective tissue and a solidification of the adiposity that lead to the formation of the famous "orange peel skin" (fibrous cellulite); the formation of nodules (sclerotic cellulitis); the accumulation of liquids and water retention (aqueous cellulite).

Naturally there are dozens and dozens of different ways to treat cellulite, starting from a proper diet and exercise, up to creams, herbal remedies, homeopathy and aromatherapy.

However, the classic treatments often turn out to be slow and ineffective and there is more and more openness to new alternatives, including vacuum therapy, which seems to be very popular even among celebrities of a certain caliber, such as Nicole Kidman and Gwyneth Paltrow.

The results of the therapy are visible after only a month of constant appeal to it. You can in fact notice, almost immediately, buttocks and legs more firm and a greater uniformity of the skin previously characterized by a wavy appearance.

Where do you practice vacuum therapy?

Vacuum therapy against cellulite is mainly practiced in beauty centers.

A whole cycle of constant sessions takes about twelve / fifteen weeks, while the duration of each session is about 60 minutes. Moreover, the price of each session is around 100 euros.

To achieve visible and concrete results it is very important that the sessions are carried out regularly (once a week), without forgetting or skipping any. Otherwise, the healing process will be slower and more difficult.

An alternative to beauty centers is do-it-yourself. In fact, it is possible to find on the market, in fact, easy-to-use vacuum-treatment machines. Their price may vary a lot, depending on the quality and power, but you can still place it in a price range ranging from 59 euros for home use up to 1000 euros for those for professional use.

Although these may seem exorbitant figures, they are, in reality, anyway lower than the price of a complete vacuum therapy cycle.

Despite the savings, however, there are some against the vacuum home therapy: it can cause temporary damage to the skin, the result of excessive pressure on the same area (edemas); there are some parts of the body that are difficult to reach by themselves (the buttocks, the inner thigh).


The Ultimate Maine Mendoza Diet, What’s The Best Meal Plan To Have Slim Body

You know what Maine Mendoza is really the kind who does not go on a strict diet, she admitted that.

Although during summer and for special occasions like vacation or for a photoshoot, she goes on a special meal plan. She mentions she likes eating asparagus and no rice at all.

But on a regular basis like in Barangay at Eat Bulaga, she eats what her Ka-Barangays also eat. Walang pinipili at walang arte.

But what do the experts suggest when it comes to having a diet and a slim and healthy body. The secret? You combine different diets! What?

Luckily, in the last few years our cultural and dietary baggage has become a bit refined, thanks also to the arrival of more or less sensible diet regimes, from which we can draw the best not so much to lose weight (as we know, it is always need personalized medical support to undertake a weight loss diet in the strict sense of the term), as to maintain physical fitness, maybe conquered thanks to the greater movement favored by the season and the holidays, or in any case to increase your well-being.

With the indications by Dr. Luca Piretta, gastroenterologist and nutritionist, University Campus Biomedico of Rome, we have analyzed three of the most interesting.

DIET TURBO. Created by the dietician of Hollywood stars Haylie Pomroy , presented in the homonymous book published by Sperling & Kupfer, the Pomroy, in contrast with the prevailing scientific thought (“with too fast diets you risk losing not only the fat mass but also the lean mass, which should be protected, “says Piretta), is among the first nutritionists to claim that a slimming fast (about 6 kilos in 14 days) induced by a right combination of food, herbs and spices (these last good salt substitutes and “fillers” of antioxidants, tannins and balsamic resins that stimulate the body), is the best strategy to lose weight, because it reduces boredom and discouragement , among the major saboteurs of the classic diets.

Get the best. Some Pomroy tips that you can follow to improve the performance of the daily diet: eat 5 times a day (for a total of 35 between meals and snacks every week) and at least every 2-4 hours to keep the metabolism high, choosing in proportions calibrate carbohydrates and proteins, vegetable in quantity and favoring foods and spices, preferably organic, identified by their thermogenic index (according to the Pomroy make fat burn faster), such as fish caught, eggs, quinoa. And then legumes, tempeh, mustard without additives, horseradish, pepper and other spices, rice, oats, buckwheat and kamut. Of course, during the day it is necessary to drink a lot of water, but in precise quantities, or 3 cl for each kilogram of weight.

DIET DASH. It reduces the pressure, it makes you lose weight and it is rather easy to follow: the anti-hypertension diet Dash (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension), devised by the National Heart, Lung, and American Blood Institute , is the most effective according to the published ranking not so much long ago on the US website US News & World Report (usnews.com).

“It’s a diet that is generally useful for everyone, because it helps reduce the risk of getting hypertension,” says Piretta.

Get the best. The basic steps of the Dash diet, which can be adopted to improve form and wellbeing: limit the total salt to 2.3 grams per day (equivalent to just over two coffee spoons) and increase the intake of magnesium and potassium (vegetable green leaf, whole grains, seafood, legumes, bananas) and Omega 3 (fish, especially the blue and wild species), in addition to keeping the glycemic index under control.

MIMA-FAST DIET OF 5 DAYS. The 5-day “mima-fasting” longevity diet designed by the scientist Valter Longo, director of the Institute of Longevity of the School of Gerontology of the University of Southern California in Los Angeles and biochemist of the Firc Institute of Molecular Oncology in Milan, to lose weight softly, especially in the abdominal area, improves cognitive functions and the biochemistry of good humor.

“But above all, it represents a model of antiaging power that aims to reduce the inflammatory components of a diet that is too rich in saturated fats, to regenerate the immune system and to attenuate the stimuli of excessive cell proliferation, thus contributing to cancer prevention”, underlines Piretta.

Get the best . The mima-fasting diet should be undertaken with personalized rhythms, for example once every 4 months if you are healthy and do little movement, and provides about 1100 calories on the first day and about 800 calories in the remaining four, distributed on complex carbohydrates (such as broccoli, tomatoes, carrots, pumpkin, mushrooms), good fats (for example walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts, extra virgin olive oil and coconut oil, the latter because it is rich in medium chain fat, easier to digest and immediately used as a source of energy) and plant proteins derived mainly from nuts.

But the goals achieved with the mima fasting diet must be capitalizedregularly adopting a proper diet that can always be followed by anyone and that, according to the scientist, must get as close as possible to a plant regime (legumes, vegetables, fruit) and more fish 2-3 times a week. It is also essential to sit at the table keeping an eye on the clock to better support the biological rhythms and hormonal secretion of the organism (with all the advantages that derive from the assimilation of food and the sense of hunger / satiety). For Longo the ideal is to observe 12 hours of fasting at night and 12 hours of daytime to spend with meals, better if divided into 2 main plus a snack (all the insights on: ”

Remember to always seek a nutritionist and your doctor because not all diets are fit for everyone.

So what’s the ultimate diet for Maine, well, always eat on time. Sleep enough and do not deprive oneself with enough rest. Have a positive and healthy mindset.


For Women, It Is Better To Eat Mango Than To Take Vitamin Supplements

Do you have any constipation? Needless to take a pill, or ingest large amounts of fiber. The most pleasant and effective treatment you can take is eating a mango.

According to research published by Texas A & M University, mango is as effective as a dose of the classic supplements prescribed for a frequent problem, affecting about 20 percent of Italians. But the fruit works even better, because it contains polyphenols that reduce the inflammatory state often present at the same time. They also act on intestinal bacteria,modifying the combination and leading to a faster “disposal”. Actions that laxatives and supplements are not able to do.

During the study, two groups of people with chronic constipation were examined, one of whom ate 300 grams of mango per day, while the other took 1 tablespoon of psyllium , a powdered fiber commonly used in these cases. Everyone had been asked to keep their eating habits.

At the end of the experiment, both groups noticed positive effects, but those who had eaten mango had seen the problem solved more effectively.

According to the researchers, the effect would be due to the combination of the fibers and the polyphenols contained in the fruit.

That the mango was good and healthy was already known. Tree of the same family of cashews and pistachios, it comes from Burma and eastern India. It is cultivated for over 4 thousand years and, according to Indian mythology, symbolizes, not by chance, life.

Its juicy and sweet pulp contains vitamins, minerals. It has always been considered a panacea for the stomach, because it reduces acid reflux and neutralizes it .

Rich in saturated fats, sodium and HDL, the “good” cholesterol is a good source of vitamin A, C, B 6, K, E, as well as containing potassium, magnesium, copper, selenium, phosphorus and iron, so as to be also considered a good cure in case of anemia.

Rich in anti-oxidants, it protects against cancer and is a cure-all, for external use, for the skin: it removes blackheads and treats acne.

Is Mango Safe for Women in the family way?

In addition to being useful in case of constipation, therefore, is good for the body in general.

It is no coincidence that European consumption has increased by 56 per cent or over the last ten years. In this period we Italians have gone from 80 grams each to 150 . Even the new basket Istat noticed: since February, among the products considered for the calculation of inflation have been included some exotic fruits, including mango.

The production of the old continent concentrated in the Malaga area and in Sicily . According to Coldiretti, due to climate change, we can grow crops that were previously reserved for warmer areas.

They are found in the countryside between Messina, Etna and Acireale and in Calabria. And the zero-kilometer exotics often see younger farmers engaged in cultivation. 88% of Italians when they buy at the market believe that local origin is important, both because there is a greater degree of freshness and because Italy is at the top of world food security. So even the stuff of the other world becomes national and we can find fresh and ripe at the right point a food that cares.

Maine Mendoza Bigatin Oh Ang Wardrobe Collection from Stradivarius Maine OOTD

Check out this latest Maine Mendoza wardrobe detective work. She is wearing here Stradivarius patterned shirt.

What Is The Latest Stradivarius Fashion Trend for 2018, Check Out Below

Floral prints, with polka dots, stripes and checks, but also lots of denim. In the catalog of the low cost brand Made in Spain there is everything, even a capsule collection dedicated to Frida Kahlo.

An explosion of flowers, stripes, polka dots and then lots of denim. Even Stradivarius is ready for the summer with clothes, trousers, skirts, overalls and suits. The low cost brand Made in Spain, in fact, has thought of a collection in line with the latest fashion trends.

The styles are different: from sporty looks – with color block trousers, jeans and denim shorts – to casuals like long and short dresses with floral print. There is even a capsule collection dedicated to Frida Kahlo . Here are the new Spring Summer 2018 proposals from the Stradivarius woman catalog.

No one can resist the intellectual fascination of Frida Kahlo, not even Stradivarius. Many designers have been inspired by the painter and her iconic style. In 1998, for example, Jean Paul Gaultier paraded the supermodel Linda Evangelista who looked like a copy of the painter.

The low cost fashion brand pays tribute to the artist with a capsule collection that includes t-shirts – in black or white – with the artist’s print, or with images that are in some way linked to Frida.

In the capsule collection there are also pants and skirts in the colors used by the artist for his paintings and clothes that have made it famous all over the world.

Dresses and suits with floral print
The summer spring 2018 fashion will remember especially for the flowers that are practically everywhere and in all clothing brands. Stradivarius is no exception, on the contrary, he has made some jumpsuit suits and suits – both short and long – in trendy colors such as lilac and ocher yellow. There are, however, the tropical prints that alternate with flowers to make the clothes even more special.

The maxi dresses and suits from the Stradivarius collection can be combined with a pair of sneakers, or with jeweled sandals – with small studs or sequin applications – and very comfortable flat sandals.

Polka-dot dresses, trousers and blouses
There are many stars who have chosen to wear polka-dot garments like Vanessa Hudgens’ skirt . The fantasy is trendy for summer 2018. Stradivarius has created dresses – short with a flared line, or in a chemisier style -, cigarette pants, shirts, blouses and shorts with this print.

The brand combines clothes with ankle boots, or sneakers for an informal look and to be fashionable only with a few just tricks.

Striped and ribbed dresses
Even the lines are among the absolute protagonists of the Stradivarius catalog. For example, a chemisier with buttons on the front, or a lingerie model with a side stripe and a ribbed mini with braces.

Trousers, checkered shorts and color block
After the flowers, polka dots and stripes, another fantasy in the Stradivarius collection is the vichy, checkered pattern. The pants are in particular from cigarette cut and can be combined with a white blouse or embroidered shirts.

The origin of the famous squares dates back to the 40s and in particular recalls the clothes worn by Katharine Hepburn. In the following decade they wore clothes and skirts – especially the maxi ones – also Betty Grable and Brigitte Bardot.

Maxi multicolored and pleated skirts
In the low cost brand catalog there are many skirts – from mini to long – but the particular ones are undoubtedly pleated and striped. Here is a multicolored that follows the rainbow trend, launched by the designer Christopher Bailey before he left Burberry.

The rainbow skirts are worn with white blouses or pastel shades. And at the feet the inevitable sneakers, or the ankle boots – for example camperos style -, for a casual but at the same time particular outfit.

Jeans and denim
For the summer denim is one of the most popular fabrics. It ends up on clothes, skirts, shirts and dungarees. Stradivarius even dedicated an entire capsule collection – called Denim Vibes – with dresses in various shades of blue and light blue, but also pink and white. Here in the pictures the most interesting models:

The jeans can be worn individually with other fabrics, alternatively you can choose a total look in denim like they did for example Dior, Miu Miu and other fashion houses.


Maine Mendoza and MAC Cosmetics, The Millionaire’s Make Up

Reasons Why You Should Use MAC Cosmetics Products Just Like Maine Mendoza

Naming MAC talking about make-up , it’s a bit like naming Angelina Jolie talking about sx symbol: an ageless certainty. Among the most “hype” brands of the web , its products have average prices and not low, but just make some considerations (and use a few tricks) to understand that they are worth up to the last penny and even more. Here because:

1. If it is the number mark of the stages there is a reason
When it says professional make-up: the MAC make-up is present in the backstage of the Teatro alla Scala in Milan, in that of X Factor Italy and since 1995 supports 34 fashion weeks in 29 different cities with over 200 shows only in the 4 big capitals (New York, London, Milan and Paris). In short, on the stages it is tested and guaranteed.

2. Paying more than 1500 Pesos for a make-up lesson, I bring home 1500 Pesos of products
The make-up service of MAC Cosmetics stores allows you to convert the cost of advice to products of the same value ( by appointment ). The price varies according to the time spent and the type of lesson – 30, 60 or 90 minutes for 30, 60 or 90 € – and not only the makeup and advice service, but also a consideration in products (for example, if I choose a 30-minute trick I pay € 30 and I bring home € 30 of products). For free it is possible to have a lesson on how to enhance your look.

3. The foundation numbers speak for themselves
In particular, the MAC Studio Fix Fluid guarantees 100% coverage and definition, offers more than 50 shades, has an SPF 15 sunscreen and a duration of at least 8 hours: all this for 1866 Pesos. Since a 30 ml tube lasts just over 3 months, the investment is about 620.39 Philippine Piso a month: honest if you consider the miracles you can do every morning.

4. Brushes have the reputation of being the longest-lived
Online commentaries, forums and beauty bloggers all seem to agree that MAC makeup brushes are among those that last longer, without losing hair: more precisely we talk about “Potentially a life”, “even more than ten years”. When we say long-term investment.

5. Many limited edition products can be resold over-used
MAC makes many limited edition collections, often in collaboration with stars and artists, which are sold out quickly. When the demand exceeds the offer, the products may reappear on eBay or other sales platforms, offered by individuals at a price higher than what they paid (now there is the entire Mariah Carey collection at 41,253.64 Philippine Piso).


Nicomaine Mendoza Ikaw Na! MAC Cosmetics Nicopanda Products

Maine Mendoza is now in line with the famous celebrities that endorse MAC Cosmetics including Rihanna.

Celebrities and influencers like Maine help sell thousands if not millions of the MAC products like the new Nicopanda. Which is a nod to Nicomaine. Here are the details

The new capsule collection by Mac Cosmetics is here, super spring and kawaii packaging, created in collaboration with Nicola Formichetti and the NICOPANDA brand.

Each new collection of Mac Cosmetics is an event for lovers of beauty and the well-known brand of professional make-up. After the last collaborations with the top model, and new chef, Padma Lakshmi and with Jeremy Scott , this spring Mac will launch a capsule collection created together with the Italian-Japanese fashion designer Nicola Formichetti and his brand NICOPANDA.

The Mac x NICOPANDA collection, strictly limited edition , will be composed – among other things – by very interesting pieces among which stand out three “full face” palettes containing 4 eye shadows and a blush, a compact face powder whose pod shaped panda sees a mix of 2 different blushes and an illuminant, 5 matte lipsticks, 4 lipglass, a mini clutch with two eye and one eye brushes, a pair of false eyelashes and a set of stickers.

The entire capsule collection, purposely dedicated to young and very young, is characterized by a deliciously kawaii packaging that sees the iconic panda symbol of NICOPANDA as an absolute protagonist and extremely vivid colors to create colorful looks that reflect the “concept” of the street -style of the clothes made by Formichetti for its brand.