[VIDEO] Earthquake Shocks Metro Manila June 25, 2014

At around 7:30pm Wednesday evening on June 25, 2014, Metro Manila was disturbed with a quick jolt that send netizens Tweeting at the earlier report reference that a 7.2 earthquake will hit the area.

Netizens describe their experience from being mild to a bit alarming. MJ Cusap said the building they are in shook.

JP Janolino Penol said he felt his belly shaking.

In an earlier report, PHIVOLCS mentioned about the posibility of a 7.2 magnitude quake in NCR.

Such a quake would cause an 18 feet tsunami.

The fault along the edges of Marikina Valley is a likely cause for this earthquake. PHIVOLCS reports such cataclismic event already took place in 1828 and 1863.

Why Was Atom Araullo Bashed By Netizens?

Atom Araullo was in the middle of covering the Brigada Eskwela in Valenzuela when a reporter from rival network TV5 Jun Sabayton interrupted and touched him.

Lourde De Veyra posted a Tweet that trending asking apology from Atom in behalf of Jun for the interruption.

Atom replied to the tweet:

“Karangalan ko ang mahaplos ng pinakawalang kwentang showbiz reporter”

This earned him bashes from netizens who took the tweet differently.

“Pinakawalang kwentang showbiz reporter” the most nonsense showbiz reporter is in fact the tagline of Jun Sabayton.

And Atom was only game with the incident.

Lourde De Veyra in that tweet said or perhaps joked “they needed the ratings”.



Chito Mirana Proposal To Neri Naig and Wedding Proposal Fail Videos

It’s the talk of the town or the talk of social media. Chito Miranda’s pop the question video went viral.

As sweet and swooning the proposal is, some nega people think this is just being pressured by society to be in and hip and that moments like that are just temporary.

But while there are those that are supportive of the two, some cannot help but be critics.

But are the wedding proposal for real or for show?

Chito may have pulled off the stunt, este, the proposal but there are others out there that didn’t quite make it.


Will Facebook Put Ads on WhatsApp After $16 Billion Acquisition?

Facebook bought WhatsApp last February 19, 2014 for $16 Billion and part of the purchase does not include putting advertisements, for now.

According to Facebook, the acquisition is part of the company’s expansion efforts and that it plans to monetize WhatsApp in the future but not through advertising as with Instagram and its native Facebook apps.

WhatsApp could be used as a purchasing tool to buy good and services, this way, Facebook could return its money.

WhatsApp CEO Jan Koum thinks of the merger as something that opens up new possibilities.

Mark Zuckerberg, enthusiastically said that with FB and WA joining, they could really connect the world.

Like Instagram, WhatsApp will operate on its own.

Users on social media like RB Harol thinks:

“FB is trying to survive. People are giving upon Facebook. Teenagers
hate FB. So as not to go myspace way, FB is throwing everything hoping something sticks…”

What do you think of the Facebook-WhatsApp merger? Comment below.

Enchos.com Magic107 Launches Google Android App, Install Now

Enchos.com Magic107 The Social Media Echoes Internet Radio has announced that it has launched its Google Android App.

Launched in 2006, Enchos.com has evolved into a multimedia social media website offering news on the latest trending topics and talked about buzz.

The site recently relaunched a newly installed site and along with it the launch of its Android App for its hosted internet radio Magic107.

The station plays a variety of music from pop, OPM and light rock songs.

You can install the App by visiting the Google Play store on the link below.