Cause of Instagram Not Working, reports from all over the world

Instagram Not working
Instagram not working! Netizens not just here but all over the world and screaming.

If they are asking many users who have found major malfunctions in using the social through the app, with mobile devices.

Instagram is down, as reported on Twitter a bit ‘from all over the world.

The first tweets were launched about Instagram not working, accompanied by the hashtag #instagramdown.

It came late in the afternoon of June 12, 2018 when users began to report that the application is down.

It is popular forhundreds of millions of people all over the world, it had become useless.

As the minutes went by, reports increased exponentially, including Philippines, and the hashtag entered the trend – Instagram not working.

The first reports on Twitter

Also on Alert Service in many have reported the malfunction, declined in different ways.

Some just can not access to Instagram, while others find strong slowdowns or do not see updates on their wall.

These are affected by updates on images and videos on accounts as well as those related to Instagram Stories.

On Twitter users report in particular that they can not update the feed and see photos of friends on the social network Zuckerberg.

Instagram down, Instagram not working?

This is almost certainly a pre-established block that could be related to technical problems or, more likely, to a series of updates involving Instagram.

All that remains is to wait to see if this down will last for a few minutes or if it will be impossible to use social for a longer period of time.

Instagram, the Shopping function arrives on the Stories

The social pushes the accelerator on ecommerce to attract new advertisers.

For now, the tool can only be used by some companies, to which others will soon be added

After launching the Shopping function ( available in Italy from March ) within the organic posts of companies.

Giving users the opportunity to make purchases directly from the social network, Instagram also extends the tool to the stories .

Starting today, in fact, some companies will be able to add the icon of a shopping bag inside their Stories.

By clicking on it, you will be able to access various information on the product shown.

It is including more images of the article presented, additional photos of other products.

Contained in the History, descriptions, price information and links to the site where to make the purchase.

More soon to come

For now, the function can only be used by a select number of companies, but the same company explains in a note that “soon there will be more coming”.

“From Adidas to Louis Vuitton, people have bought their favorite brands on Instagram all over the world.

And now they can buy directly from Instagram Stories”, says Instagram in the note, adding:

“Consumers are accessing Instagram looking for ideas on the latest trend.

Every day, around 300 million people use Instagram Stories and here they can always find new products.

From the brands they love. Companies are always the first to use Stories, creating some of the most viewed and engaging content on the platform. ”

How To Fix “Unpaid order cancelled – time limit reached” Error on Woocommerce, Paypal

Problem: Cancelled orders on Woocommerce websites using Paypal payments, even though the payment is successful or has received status.

Error message:

Unpaid order cancelled – time limit reached. Order status changed from Pending Payment to Cancelled.


1.) Log in to your WordPress Dashboard and go to Woocommerce menu > Products tab > Inventory section
2.) On the “Hold Stock (minutes)” option, delete the entry 60.
3.) Click “save changes” button

The error comes when the “Hold Stock (minutes)” option has an “enabled” status meaning the box has entry in integer representing minutes.

The option works for those sellers that have limited stocks that require stock management.

Setting it means, that the customer is only allowed certain amount of time to keep the item from the cart before completing the order.

If for example set to 60, that means the customer has 60 minutes before the order is cancelled.

This solution works for those who sell digital goods and stock management is not necessarily applicable.

Check the order status to see if you have this error message.
Check the order status to see if you have this error message.
Leave this box blank to disable.
Leave this box blank to disable.

3 Steps To Increase Earnings With Amazon Bounties for Associates

Here are tips on how you can increase your earnings on Amazon as an affiliate. Follow these 3 steps.

Members of Amazon now have a chance to augment their income using the Bounties program.

The idea is that as a member you can feature Amazon products under its Featured Promotions category.

3 Steps To Increase Earnings With Amazon Bounties

1.) Go to your Amazon Associates account and click “Reports” tab
2.) Scroll down to the bottom and find “Earn More from these Bounties” section
3.) Select one or two Bounty item and starting showcasing them.

Usually there are five items in this section.

The goal is to feature them as a product recommendation.

Amazon considers these items as having higher potential for earnings.

This is because more customers purchase or subscribe to these products.

Another great thing about the Bounties program is that it lets you overcome Ad Blocking software.

So you are sure to earn even if your visitor blocks ads.

I highly recommend these books for improving your Amazon associates program.

Resources on Amazon

Duterte Orders DITC To Put Up Free WIFI, More Fiber Optic Cable for Faster Internet

Wifi Access at no charge in selected public places, parks, libraries, government hospitals, train stations, airports and seaports.

President Duterte mentioned during his first SONA that the newly formed DITC will launch FREE WIFI access to select public places.

This includes parks, public libraries, government hospitals, train stations, airports and seaports.

He mentions that DITC will facilitate in the putting up of more fiber optic cables to speed up the access of Filipinos to the internet.

Duterte stressed that this will definitely make Filipinos happy.

Places in the Philipines with free WIFI:

  • parks,
  • libraries,
  • government hospitals,
  • train stations,
  • airports
  • and seaports

How To Watch Movies in iFlix Philippines Without Paying Monthly Subscription

We don’t really recommend hacking, but there’s an open secret that users do to access iFlix movies without subscribing monthly. Although not necessarily breaking any code, here are 3 easy steps.

1.) Open and sign up using email not Facebook.
2.) Create an account and verify using the email address you provided.
3.) Enter your cellphone number for one time mobile verification and start watching.

And voilà, you can now enjoy English and Filipino movies and TV series unlimited.

But, here is the catch, this process is only intended for the 30 day trial period.

After that, you will be forced to pay a fee via credit card.

How do I continue to watch iFlix the following month without paying?

1.) Open and sign up using email.
2.) Create an account and verify using another email address.
3.) Enter another cellphone number for one time mobile verification and start watching again.

Now of course this process will involve having to signup a trial account every month, a new email address and of course a mobile number.

Unless, you have a load truck of SIMs to use for mobile verification, this trial hack may do for you.

So if you want to rid yourself of this hassle, the most convenient is to subscribe a minimum fee of 99 pesos.

Yes, you read it right. For only 99 pesos, you can use just your existing Smart or Sun mobile SIM to pay. And now you can enjoy hundreds of movies and TV show episodes both local and foreign. How amazing!

VIRAL! Look, Jeepney Cuts Red Light in Ayala Cebu

“Abosado! Reckless! Humanda ka sa LTFRB!”. Netizens exclaimed on social media as video went viral about a public utility jeepney cutting the red light and ran around preceding vehicles.

Citizen George H as reported by Cebu Flash Report on YouTube caught the reckless traffic violation with a car’s dashboard camera.

At the first few seconds of the video, the dash cam owner closes in the already halted jeepney and other preceding vehicles at a red light on the intersection of Ayala Road – Gorordo Street, Cebu City.

Minutes after, however, the driver apparently anxious of the traffic, decided to cut the red light and drove around 2 rows of vehicles ahead of him.

The PUJ turned left, headed for Colon, passing along Camp Sotero, a police station.

The citizen have also caught the details of the violating PUJ and have already reported the incident to LTFRB.

The PUJ has the plate number GXS-134 Route 13C. The incident took place on July 15, 2016 at 9:24 pm along Ayala Road corner Gorordo Street.

13C jeepneys en route from Talamban to Colon are notorious for their recklessness. Complaints are usually about PUJs speeding or raising against each other.

video by Cebu Flash Report

VIRAL: MSU-IIT Student Spoofs Uncle Mar Lopez “Radio Commercial”

Uncle Mar Lopez is a popular radio host and business man in Mindanao whose commercials on radio stations on AM and FM are often ridiculed because of his unique delivery.

Lopez sells liniment oils, herbals and even gives out tips for lottery. He also purchases blocktime programming on terrestrial radio. His unique delivery is often the subject of jokes and teasing.

One college student from MSU-IIT posted a video on Facebook and instantly captured the attention of Mindanaoans who are familiar with the radio personality.

In the video, student Dodong Bulawin who is a member of the IIT IPAG is seen spoofing Lopez in his radio commercial delivery.

Students from the said institution were amused, as with others who are familiar with Uncle Mar, as it was cleverly and hilariously executed.

Watch the video below.

Netizens Slam ABS-CBN’s Prioritizing Showbiz Over Seniang News

The media giant was in hot seat this weekend after it was criticized for its misleading t-shirt merchandise which it plans to sell during the visit of Pope Francis. The said shirts supposedly quoted things that the Pope did not say.

Now, netizens are thumbing down what they insensitive unworthy articles that get their way into mainstream exposure.

Among those being frowned upon are the article about Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia’s Christmas date and Katrina Halili’s comebacking FHM cover.

Below are some of the comments.

commentsWhile they also features entertainment articles, the network did not fail however to update their social media channels with the latest on Typhoon Seniang and the earthquake in Mindanao.

You Are Advised Not To Use Gmail Into This Country, Here’s Why?

Internet experts now suggest you are better off without Gmail or at least use other web email services. This is because China may now be fully blocking the Google-powered email platform and your emails to your Chinese or China-based contacts may no longer get through.

Starting June of 2014, the country has been cutting off traffic from the search giant and other websites that may trample the government.

Google confirmed that Gmail traffic in China is dipping.

Experts however say it is more of the country’s efforts to completely bring down Googles’s operation not just in China but worldwide.

Imagine if users cannot email contacts in that country using Gmail, they will be forced to use another service resulting in migration of email users from Google.