Xian Lim Approves of Kim Chiu -Gerald Anderson Reunion?

Video courtesy of Chikkaness. During the press con of the reunion teleserye of Kimerald, Kim Chiu appealed to fans to support her and Xian in their individual projects.

Pressed for her message to KimXi fans, the Universal Star revealed she and Xi talked about the teleserye and mentioned “malawak ang pagkakaintindihan naming dalawa”.

Obviously the reunion with Gerald was brought up and Xian Lim has prior knowledge of it before the press con.

Not that the fate of the teleserye lies in the hands of Xian, but the fact that Kim talked to him means that his viewpoint matters.

And Xi being mature and professional understands this is part of their craft.

“Nag-usap po kami na trabaho po ito.”

“Wala po kaming issue” explains Kim about Xian’s reaction on the Kimerald reunion.

“Hiniling namin na suportahan nila kami individually”.

Kim Chiu reiterates they have a deep understanding with Xian Lim and that she is happy with him.

Kim also recognizes that the achievements they gained in the love team is something they owe to the KimXi fans.

Grats! Lyca Gairanod Has More Increasing Listeners on Spotify, Now 22K

Now, Lyca Gairanod has been gaining more and more listenership on the number one streaming platform Spotify.

Appearing on 7 collections and albums, Lyca is one of the certified artists with a monthly listeners now of 22,872.

Today, it even increased by 162.

She now has 2,926 followers.

And she is mostly discovered via the New Music Friday playlist with almost 7000 listeners.

Lyca Gairanod is mostly listened in Quezon City with 2840 listeners, Makati City 1,113, San Juan 961, Manila 842 and Pasig City 690.

The Puede Nang Mangarap Deluxe Album is now available for streaming so make sure to add this on your playlist.

What is your favorite streaming app to listen to Lyca Gairanod?

And how often do you listen everyday? Let us know in the comments below.

Support Lyca Gairanod on Amazon in the link below:

The Unshakeable MarNella: Marlo Mortel and Janella Salvador for Mano Po 7 – Ratings and Reactions

Say what you want to say about movie franchises on MMFF but MarNella is set to take theaters this Christmas by storm.

The two has already proven their blockbuster worth last year with Haunted Mansion.

And they are going to kill it with the seventh installment of Mano Po.

Proof indeed of the magic and power of MarNella. Coz they are “born for it”.

I mean look at the stars who played Mano Po characters before, they are big stars in their own right.

We are so thrilled for Janella and Marlo on the silver screen.

How excited are you? Rate how many stars above, click like or dislike below and tell us in the comment below your expectations for Mano Po 7. 

Hear from you soon.

Kim Chiu, Xian Lim Stand Out in 2016 ABS-CBN Xmas SID BTS

In what is apparently a shoot for a Kapamilya Christmas Station ID, Kim and Xian cheered up the crowd as they selfie together.

It is without a doubt these two are now among the contemporary pillars of ABS-CBN’s entertainment realm.

Kim, being the biggest and phenomenally successful reality champion.

Xian, breaking the molds of matinee idol traditions.

We can’t wait to see a special pedestal these two will occupy in the Holiday station campaign.

But their mere presence is already enough, enough shine though to  stand out amongst a crowd of stellar mass.

Kim and Xi, you own our universe.

But let me hear what your expectations are for this year’s ABS-CBN Christmas station ID?

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Proof of Kim Chiu’s Longevity in Showbiz

Kim Chiu is seen in one of these clips just enjoying this ride in Coney Island in New York.

The Chinita Princess is known for her being adventurous and fans seeing this clip admire her even more.

Which we notice as a sign that Kim Chiu will last in the showbiz industry. It takes guts, courage and toughness of spirit to survive such a crazy world of entertainment.

I mean look at Kim Chiu, she’s been through a lot in her showbiz career and yet she is still standing strong.

Parang ride lang yan sa isang carnival.

Either you fear it or enjoy the ups and downs. Kim Chiu has courage and she has no fear in trying in new things.

And another reason we believe she’s going to outlast others, well it’s her being friendly.

Look at that clip, instead of being with Kapamilya peers, she’s there meeting new friends.

And that’s gonna keep her hold in the industry. Pakikisama.

You’re one of a kind Kimmy.

Maine Mendoza Reveals Status With Miggy Ex Boyfriend

Maine was recently asked on ASK.Fm about the issue of having a secret relationship with Miggy.

She broke her silence and spoke up via the social media platform.

Below is her full statement.

Ask: Sana linawin mo ung about sa inyo ni Miguel ba un?? Kc kumakalat ung pics. Nyo, sana ma-clear un, if kau edi ok if not edi ok din, atleast naging honest ka, kc minsan ang unfair na kay Alden si Alden puro chismis lng ung kanya pero grabe sya i-bash while ikaw maraming proofs pinagtatanggol ka pa din


What do you want to know about Miggy/us? The reason why I am not speaking about this matter is because whatever it is that you see/read on social media about us having a “secret relationship” is not true–AT ALL. You see, some people keep on digging up old photos and tweets, making up different (malicious) stories about them, talking trash about me and creating issues about everything for only one MAJOR REASON– my mere existence annoys the f out of them. In other words, they hate me so much and they aim to bring me down the quickest and the dirtiest way possible. They create issues (and drag different people) because they aim to manipulate and sway others to hate me as well– brainwash, kumbaga.

Here’s the thing.. Trolls will remain trolls; they can and will make up stories whenever they want and there is nothing we can do to stop them from making their lives less miserable. More issues and allegations will be thrown at me as I go along but for as long as I know the truth then I don’t see any reason for me to explain myself. It’s up to you if you are going to let yourself be deceived. (Tip: don’t) Don’t let em derail you.

Poor Miggy being dragged into this whole thing. Spare the guy from all the crap. Nananahimik yung tao. And by the way, Miggy and I are just friends–nothing more.

Drew Arellano, Iya Villania Welcome First Born Baby Antonio Primo

Iya and Drew Arellano’s First Born Is Antonio Primo

The couple Iya Villania and Drew Arellano are on cloud 9!

Well the two has just given birth to their first born son.

And they will christen him Antonio Primo.

Drew posted a photo of Baby Primo on his Instagram around noon of August 30, 2016.

Drew and Iya are both hosts on GMA 7.

Grats guys! And welcome to the world Antonio Primo.