Maine Mendoza Babalik Na Sa Twitter?

Patuloy pa rin ang pamamayagpag ng AlDub, the Phenomenal love team.

Maine’s launch of new Funtastyk Tocino commercial, a success.

Alden Richards also gets to be more in demand in endorsements, events and TV guestings.

Pero agree ba kayo ngayon sa haka-hakang may cameo si Alden sa MLFTS? Comment below.

Speaking of agreeing, marami na talaga ang nami-miss si Maine sa Twitter.

Sabi ng nation na let us give her sometime.

Pero kahit lie low muna, trending pa rin si Menggay nang nag-ala Britney Spears sa EB today.

Using hashtag AlDubInOurHearts, marami ang nag-react sa Lola’s Playlist. Do you think dapat na palitan?

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Maine Mendoza Shoes from Marikina Bought by Kuya Jose for 1000 Pesos Only

Nasa Marikina today ang mga DaBarkads sa Barangay and Maine rocks a solid kickass pair of boots.

Of course, the shoe capital of the Philippines so you can expect quality craftsmanship.

It was bought by Kuya Jose for only 1000 pesos pero neshen ang gara ng pagkakagawa.

Maine shared it via her IG live.

Take a look at the photos below I am sure instant best seller yan!

What do you think guys sa boots ni Maine? 

Is Affordable Housing a Basic Right?

First, all Rights come from the government/citizenry of the tribe/society/country. Nothing is “natural”, “god given”, or otherwise provided at any level.

In short, rights come from the government.

Second, there are two basic types of rights.
Positive Rights and Negative Rights (not good/bad – think more like how a magnet has a positive end and a negative end.)

Negative Rights, what most conservatives mean when they talk about Rights, are those that prevent or stop some action, by the government or other citizens, upon your person or property.

Positive Rights are those that requires some action to be taken on behalf of another. Most familiar is the right to a representation in a trial. We have decided as a people, through our government, that anyone convicted by the State of a crime should have a fair understanding of the charges and what their legal options are.

In order to provide/enforce either type of right requires oversight, enforcement, and resources from the State. Funded through taxes and other government revenue stream.

WTF does all of this mean?

It means that when you say something is a “Right” you are saying that the people should be obligated to pay for providing/enforcing said Right. “Yes. I think we should fund that Right.”

Conversely, if you say something is NOT a “Right” you are saying that you don’t think the people should be obligated to pay for providing/enforcing said Right. “No. I do not think we should fund that Right.”

So, lets keep nature, god, etc. out of the discussion, if you can.

Tampuhan Ba To Ng Magkaibigan Lang? GMA Insider Gives Insight on Maine-Alden Relationship

Status of Maine and Alden Testimony From A GMA Insider

This is a true recollection from a fan and a GMA Insider.

Yesterday, nag grab car ako on my way home.

My driver was a girl and road manager of one of SPS stars.

Nag-grab lang sya on the side.

Couldn’t help but ask about Alden and Maine.

I already know but I asked anyway.

Are they really together?

She said, “Di nila inaamin eh, kahit sa’min.

Pero super sweet naman sila kahit offcam.

Pero pag nagtampuhan, as in di sila nagpapansinan.

Pero sa kinikilos, mukhang sila na talaga.

Got me thinking, if they are really just friends.

Baket sila ganun magtampuhan?

From LivEscalona on Twitter.

Juan Karlos Labajo to Dominate This 2017

Blessings upon blessings. 

Juan Karlos Labajo proves it’s not just about looks and talents. 

It’s about sheer dedication for craft, passion and professionalism and most importantly character.

A very good performing album, indicating his strong grip and passion in music. 

No wonder he is having his own concert by February 2017.

His latest single Sana Kung Pwede Lang is also doing well in radio rotations and even leading on Pop Top 10. 

Vote at

 And of course he is part of the biggest romance drama series in 2017.

A Love To Last starring Bea Alonzo and Ian Veneration.

Juan Karlos credits it all to God, his family,  ABS and his fans who never fail to support him.

But let us credit JKL too.

Admit it he is truly in love with his craft and we can see how he pours his soul unto it.

Yet we can see how he enjoys all of it. Walang stress di ba? 

No wonder ABS execs and writers and directors love to work with him, ang gaan katrabaho says one insider.

And wow ha mga bigatin lahat ng mga directors na nakatrabaho ni JK, from PSY.

Tapos now Direk Jerry Sineneng. He is responsible for some of the biggest hits from Cinema to ABS teleseryes.

JKL has a bright future ahead indeed.

Xian Lim, Why He’s Extraordinary Artist Video – XIAN BreakoutContent Creator

Xian Lim, the only artist, actor, celebrity to break the mold of what it means to be in showbiz.

One, he has many talents. He can live outside the 4 corners of showbiz.

Two, he is more than an on-screen partner. He is a keeper, for real and for life.

Three, well-rounded guy, from arts to athleticism, communications and intelligence.

Four, effective credible endorser, trusted by consumers, followers and brands.

And five, most important of all, his outstanding character, down to earth, secure and family oriented.

What other traits do you like about Xi?

3 Awit Awards For Alden Richards for Wish I May Album

Pambansang Bae Alden Richards bags home 3 Awit Awards.

One is Most Downloaded Song for 2015 (Wish I May).

Second is Most Downloaded Artist for 2015.

And most importantly, the Best Selling Album of the Year (Wish I May).

Alden dedicates this recognition to God, his family, especially his mom.

To Maine Mendoza and of course the fans, Aldenatics and AlDub Nation.


MarNella Holding Hands, Vote Like #ManoPo7

From @marnellasters – 

Holding Hands 💚💑
#MarNella #Mananatili #MananatiliAngMarNella #ManoPo7 –   

As someone who grew up in the countryside,  I know exactly how difficult it is to traverse the steeps especially if you’re wearing a city outfit.

During this taping with Marlo Mortel and Janella Salvador, Marlo here is seen taking really good care of our Super Janella.

Pa-promo? Don’t think so.

Remember this was shot when the crew was traversing the terrains so definitely every one was busy. 

Except for one staff who couldn’t help but giggle and notice the sweetness.

Off cam, MarNella are really sweet to each other. 

Mano Po 7 we can’t wait!

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Lyca Gairanod Rockin Out @MossimoPH OOTD, Vote Like or Dislike?

Lyca Gairanod here seen with her OOTD courtesy of Mossimo Philippines.

I have always been referring to her as Little Superstar.

But you know what it is kind of like an oxymoron, little (small) and superstar (it’s actually big).

Thinking about it though, stars do start out small.

I am talking celestial stars and they do grow bigger.

The more massive they become, the greater the gravity force.

And Lyca is just like that, in time, will be dropping the adjective little.

But just like anything that starts out small, she will be a stable and a great star.

Coz you know things that start small tend to last forever!

And speaking of forever, the “Forever’s Not Enough” singer and her Ate Coach, Sarah Geronimo, well, don’t they resemble each other?

Superstars and fashion icons.

Gosh, oh wait, for those asking why Lyca isn’t in Star Magic Ball?

Let’s wait, her time will come, and a grand entrance is just brewing for her. Hahah!

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