Can You Answer This Juan Karlos Labajo Question?

Congrats JK and the fans,  Juan Karlos is currently number one on the Pinoy Myx Countdown.


JK is also currently leading the list here at Magic107 Netizens Top Ten.

Lately, our very own PhilPop Charmer has been commissioned as the Myx Celebrity VJ. Another feather in the cap and we just love learning about this as JK fits really well as a VJ with his bubbly personality and a good sense of humor.

But aside from this good news however there’s one question that’s lingering JK’s social media account recently and that is how tall is Juan Karlos Labajo.


Comment below.

juan karlos height

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20 Responses

  1. aj lyn says:

    5’9 ang height ni jk ang taas ni jk uie

  2. Lovelyn Godinez says:

    5’6 ?

  3. Lujuan Charmer says:

    Thank you for believing in him JK our Philippine POP Charmer his guesting in Myx Celebrity VJ really suit his personality.Good luck Kiddo

  4. Lujuan Charmer says:

    Super tall na ni JK 5’9 for a 14 year old super handsome and super talented love this boy!!

  5. Gladys Huenda says:

    5’6 ang height ni JK!

  6. Angel Fabian says:

    5’9 na si JK wahhh pengeng height hahaha

  7. Mikca Arbis says:


  8. says:

    such a tall-ented guy indeed

  9. jeremydegamo says:

    5’9 JK’S Height.. 🙂

  10. imgem20_jkufc says:

    5’8 is his height..but there’s no other I chose 5’9″ instead

  11. Angel Castillo says:

    5’9 lol

  12. Love Alcoseba says:

    Basta matangkad sya <3 Joke 🙂 5'8 🙂

  13. Khersty Mei Dionela says:

    5’8 height nya

  14. Jeanny Abellar says:

    5’9 thats the heigh of jk

  15. imgem20_jkufc says:


  16. MarimarVeve ni JK says:

    5’6″ with <3

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