Bill Arrives To See Lola Tinidora on KalyeSerye Sep 30, 2015

Bill, the ex-boyfriend of Lola Tinidora arrived on KalyeSerye September 30, 2015 episode of “EB”.


The old man wants to win back Tinidora but the latter has hesitation because of what he had done.

Because of this, she asked her sister Nidora to give advice as she has doubts because she does not trust Bill anymore.

So, Nidora said, “She is old enough to decide what she wanted”.

Then, the old woman reminded Alden Richards not to make Yaya Dub cry.

Netizen named RychelleMariveles ‏said on Twitter in response of what Lola Nidora said, “Never get involved with someone romantically if you’re not sure for what you feel. Love isn’t a game.”

Bill arrives later to ask apology and to seek amendment. He is willing to do anything to win her heart back.

Lola Tinidora

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