Best Of Daniel Padilla And Kathryn Bernardo Sweet Moments [VIDEO]

One of the hottest love teams in their generation is the team up of Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo.


They became well- known in show business because of the hit series that they starred in, “Princess and I”.

They became more in-demand stars after they also appeared on two 2012 movies which also become hits, the “24/7 In Love” and “Sisterakas”.

In 2013 their first tandem on the silver screen is in movie entitled “Must Be.. Love” under Cinema with the direction of Dado Lumibao.

After the movie, they became one of the trending topics every weeknight in the series “Got To.”

Now that the series is down on its remaining episodes, what will be the next thing for KathNiel?

Well, they will be having a movie again entitled, “She’s Dating the Gangster”.

But before that day comes, I will give you these videos that will make you smile and feel ki-lig on Daniel-
Kathryn love team on and off camera.

Below are some of the videos uploaded in YouTube channel by KathNiel fans:

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