Bea Alonzo Zanjoe Marudo Breakup in 2016 – What Is The Truth?

Breaking the internet this morning is the rumor that Bea Alonzo is now breaking up with boyfriend Zanjoe Marudo.


Or at least this is how netizens would like to believe following the recent social media activity of the Movie Queen.

Bea has been tracked to like an IG post that speaks about letting go of someone and how God intentionally allows that person to hurt you to facilitate the let go.

The netizens believed this may mean Bea is on the verge of giving up in the relationship.

But a like is only a like and it doesn’t mean anything.

But this remains to be a speculation only and no confirmation from either party and from the management.

Bea had a blast in 2015 with two very successful projects.

So we can only wish the best for the new generation’s movie queen.



The captures were taken from FP

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