BaiLona Alert! Bailey Lifts Ylona, So Sweet!

Here is Bailey and his attempt on doing what most love teams are bound to do on TV and in movies, you know the darling lifting.


Probably the most famous version of this is the I-Dawn-Zulueta-mo-ako by of course Richard Gomez and Dawn Zulueta.

We might just have another younger version of it and it’s called I-BaiLona-Mo-Ako.

Bailey shared a short clip of it on his IG and he looks like he’s having some small challenges but you can see the sparkle and joy in his eyes.

But you gotta give credit to the guy as he attempted to use one arm only, imagine the weight of Ylona although she’s virtually not that weighty.

Well, what’s clear here is that Bailey is really ready to take on a serious love team endeavor and that darling lifting of him only shows he’s willing to carry the love team.

The next matinee idol and leading man is already here.


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