Attention! JKFAM Test You Should Pass, Answer This …

What is the name of the barangay in Cebu where Juan Karlos Labajo comes from?


Note, not the municipality. Hmm, not really a difficult question right? Comment your answer below.

Don’t forget to vote for Para Sa Yo on the Netizens Top 10.

JK is currently leading the list and his fate lies in your hands whether he stays number one or not.

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6 Responses

  1. lyndsay says:

    La Consolacion, cebu

  2. lyndsay says:

    La Consolasion, Cebu

  3. Jhay says:

    Consolacion Cebu po thank u

  4. Lujuan Charmer says:

    Not Consolacion Cebu? Ah my what is it i don’t know wait…….

  5. Angel Fabian says:

    Consolacion, Cebu

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