Atom Araullo, Diego Loyzaga Have Come Out!

Showbiz and news heartthrobs have come out … to the open as they reveal their inner thoughts and candid answers to the pressing issues thrown at them.


First, Atom Araullo? Is it true that he’s dating older women?

The 31 year old patrol ng Pilipino says yes indeed he has in the past. In an interview, he said there is nothing wrong with it and points that he is looking for someone who has a sense of independence.

“Age doesn’t matter eh. It’s not a factor. I don’t know but it’s not a factor. Not an issue. It’s hard to generalize but I think women who are a bit older are more comfortable with themselves and that’s also very attractive but some younger girls are like that also so it’s not definitive” published from Push. (

He also likes to date passionate, artistic and athletic girls.

Atom is currently promoting his newest public affairs program Red Alert which tackles on disaster preparedness.

Diego Loyzaga, son of showbiz royalties Cesar Montano and Teresa Loyzaga, have also spoken up about being compared to his contemporaries like Daniel Padillo (Growing Up co-star).

“It’s nothing. Everything happens for a reason naman po eh. I’m so happy for them.”

Loyzaga left showbiz to go back to Australia for citizenship reasons.

He revealed that he also had to a backstep from the limelight as he had to prioritize schooling something his parents are supportive of.

Diego is part of Mira as Dave Castillo, playing the bully guy.

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