Are You Ready for the Maine Mendoza Challenge?

EB opened the week with a blast as it launched a new game segment Quiz Vee.

I like that EB is promoting that the LGBT community are educated and smart too.
Quiz Vee is a great concept – ADNs

Meanwhile, sobrang saya naman sa barangay, Dabarkads greeted Meng in advance for 2nd aniv.

Pero ano toh, Code Red si Maine during Sugod Bahay kaya to the rescue to Alden Richards.

Are you ready for the Maine Mendoza challenge?


Answer the following questions:

1.) The date you become an ADN?
2.) Why do you love RJ and Meng?
3.) Your all time favorite Kalyeserye Episode?
4.) Favorite characters on dramas, movie example Andrew and Gaga, Benjie or Sinag?
5.) Favorite picture of Maine?
6.) Favorite paicture of Alden?
7.) Favorite selfie of MaiChard?
8.) Favorite MaiChard or individual GIF
9.) Favorite Alden and Maine OOTD
10.) Favorite on cam moments
11.) Favorite off cam moments
12.) Favorite fanmade videos graphic
13.) Favorite AlDub commercial or endorsement
14.) Favorite AlDub magazine
15.) Photos of MaiChard with Kids
16.) MaiChard as payb or tri moments
17.) Favorite dubsmash of Maine
18.) Favorite song of Alden
19.) Favorite quote of MaiChard
20.) Favorite kiss

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